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Does Vitamin E helps with scars and redmarks?

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generally,yes,it's for scars and redmarks

i'm currently taking Vitamin C 1000mg,Vitamin E 200i.u. twice a day,spirulina and sometimes b-complex.

I'm unsure of the order of taking it. Can i just swallow vit C and E both at the same time?

If possible someone please enlighthen me on this.


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i think ur taking wayy too much Vit C ur taking 1gram which is rediculous seeing that more than half of that won't even be used by ur body it will b excreted as waste ... not to mention taking that much is toxic and can cause you a plethora of health problems in the future. I suggest using a Vitamin C serum for your face.

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yes it does. i just pop open a vitamin e capsule and smear it over my redmarks. it really fades them pretty quickly! i think it takes a little bit longer to improve scars but i hear that it helps to soften the appearance.

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I used to use vitamin E oil, but I found that it often caused further breakouts. I agree with FieryLove that topical vitamin C works very well. I use it in powder form as it is the most potent and doesn't loose its efficacy like liquid preparations. The liquid form will almost always change color and oxidize. Some say when this happens it will have lost its strength while the makers claim it is still effective.

Some sources of powdered topoical vitamin C can be found at the following:

1) http://www.skinncosmetics.com/st_repair_cplus_detail.php

2) http://www.aloettecosmetics.com/oneproduct.aspx?product=23

3) http://www.philosophy.com/web/store/produc..._-1_25584_24009

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Guest nec77

Im using a vitamin c + kinetine serum (Vivier Kine-C is the name of the product) and MD Forte I Cleanser (it contains Glycolic Acid). And I am seeing results- its been 3 weeks. :D. I've had these red marks for years too.

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