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Will this fade with time or stay? (Brown spot)

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Ok, sorry if this question has been asked before, I did a few searches and could not find any info.

I had a blemish on my nose, which turned into a whitehead. Then in about a day it became really fragile. After I had showered, using Clean and Clear Pore cleanser (with the microbeads or whatever they are), I noticed a little dark dot within the whitehead, because at this point it had popped during my shower, after I had washed my face.

I carefully took that dot out, because it happened to be one of those goddamn micro-beads which managed to get in there. The whitehead, was popped by now, and it scabbed up. After a couple of weeks (which is now), it's a dark brown color. When I look in the mirror with light focused on the area of my nose where this mark is, it seems to be a very very very shallow indentation. It might not even be that.

Basically, my problem is whether this brown spot will stay or fade in time. I've had a situation like this before where I've popped a white head, it left a tiny crater and then completely faded and healed, and you couldn't even notice it was there in the first place.

If it won't heal on it's own, is there anything I can do over-the-counter to fix this? Or should I see a derm? Thanks in advance.

P.S: I am a dark-skinned male. Of East Indian descent. In my early 20s.

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You should see a derm about this. Brown patches may or may not fade over time. It totally depends on the person. If it fades, it will take a while. Go see a professional. Im East Indian too and have a little brown patch on the side of my face but it doesnt really bother me because I can cover it with makeup. Its fading anyways.

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Thanks, anyone having similar problems?

yeah, I have several brown spots on my leg and butt , and really donno what 2 do with em!!

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It will fade after many many months. Over 1 year ago, I have some serious acne that burst with blood as a result of my picky hand. These later become dark brown marks and I'm seeing improvement with the peel and whitening mask I'm using. I don't expect them to completely disappear within the next few months. It's how our skin heal as we get older.

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Another question I had was:

What types of treatments for red marks/brown marks/vey shallow acne scarring ON dark-skinned people, are available?


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soem brown spots are birth marks like i have a large one under my arm and others like on ur face are sun spots .. that cna only b removed by a laser.

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I have the same problem. Does the skin look different than your normal skin. it happened to me last thanksgiving, and its still there, although its much lighter in color than it was. I'm going to the derm on fri. to get help. it is VERY annoying, because it takes away from my whole appearance. If u find any way to fix it, please tell me, and I'll do the same for u.

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