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for all the people who where on and and still on tan, post up a list of stuff to pick up for the people like me who will be starting treatment soon.

ie: what 2 take with tan to help it ( omega ? ) , what soap and moisturizers to use, what lip lub to use, what helps the joints, what work out programe to do.....

all in all what to get when you are starting out

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theres loads of info on these boards - you just need to read through it all to see what people recommend......

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cetaphil gentle cleanser

Aloe Vera Gel for moisturizer

Cetaphil moisturizing CREAM to put over the aloe vera after it dries to eliminate shininess

Cetaphil Moisturizer SPF 15 for sunscreen

Any lip balm u can find get ur hands on it, cause the 1st will probably not work

Thats all i use

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Have your accutane with food that is cooked with/in fat (eg sauteed vegetable, salad with dressing, pasta drizzled with olive oil, and so on). It will increase the absorption of Accutane.

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1. Chap Stick

2. Moistuzier

3. Sun Screen

4. Chap Stick

5. Face Wash

6. Chap Stick

7. Oh, and did I mention chap stick?

Seriously, you're going to want to buy a lot of chap stick and leave them around your room, bathroom, locker and through some in your bag. I used to just have one at a time and if I lost it, which I frequently did, you're in for a rough day.

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Go on the accutane logs on this board and just see what people that are actually on accutane list in their logs.. that should give you a good idea :D

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Check out my regimen below. Also, check out the pinned topic "Frequently Asked Questions about Accutane". I'm pretty sure there's a whole list of recommended products and some helpful do's and don'ts. Good luck!

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I'm only on day 7, but I'm waiting for the dryness..... so far I've bought:

Cetaphil cleanser


dove sensitive skin soap bars

and a CRAP load of different lip chaps!

I also LOVE my neutrogena foaming clenser, so I hope it still works well for me when my face starts to dry out.

I use shiseido purness moisturizing oil-free gel, and plan to get another moisterizer as well.

Hope this helps!

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Take accutane with two tablespoons of olive oil. Forget the "high-fat meal." Two tablespoons of olive oil still has less fat than a big meal (without the carbs). It is also much less of a hassle. I also think absorption would be increased since all that is in your stomach is the pill and some olive oil--as opposed to a gut full of food.

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