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Ok..I have spent so much buying make-up, experimenting on what works best for my face but no matter what I do I just can't find a make-up brand that works well in covering redness and is affordable. I tried everyday mineral make-up for approximately 3 weeks already, the first week I loved it because It was great at covering redness and making you look well rested, but then after three weeks it started making me look oily, greasy, and the lightest color seems to be too light for my face but then the fairly light make-up seems to be so dark for my face. It's just really annoying, I can't get rid of this pesky red dots the natural way and I can't get rid of them the make-up way, either, I really don't want to look like a make-up freak, like I have so much make-up on my face, but at the same time I don't want to get out of the house with little tiny dots of redness visible for everyone to see. I tried using green concealer, but no matter how hard I try in following the instruction it just won't help in covering the redness without making me look like I put so much make-up. If only I could go out of the house without using make-up but then again I can't because I am not as brave as other people who could get out of the house despite alot of redness, without make-up, If I did, I would feel totally embarrassed. Could anyone please tell me a brand that is affordable (I don't really want to spend a bunch of money buying make-up), does not cause breakout, gives red, red, red, and lots of red coverage or at least tell me a technique on how to put mineral make-up without making the face look greasy and oily..? Thanks in advance...Merci beacoup.

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......perhaps if you used a powder with that mineral makeup it would 'set.'.....

I find that the Almay Complexion Clearing line is good... reasonable price, good coverage, doesn't break me out, looks nearly natural....for me it stay put even if i wear it all day long. I've been using foundation plus powder (although lately I've been skipping makeup altogether...)

actually... you say you have 2 bottles of makeup...one too light, the other too dark...? As you're applying it, blend them together and you'll get a perfect shade.... It's actually good to have 2 bottles like that cuz your skin tone changes slightly w/ how much sun you get.... Just keep using the same makeup you have but get a good powder to set it....it should take the shine away....

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