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35% Urea Lotion

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A bottle of Keralac 35% Urea Lotion has recently come into my possession. There is a lot of research suggesting that Urea is vital for maintaining healthy skin. One of my biggest problems personally is that my skin is completely out of whack the pH is probably completely unbalanced, oily, dry, scaly, etc. This lotion is suppose to be used to treat dry skin. But I have read research that claims that Urea used in conjunction with BP or Salicylic or other Topical treatments, is beneficial because it keeps your skin at normal functioning levels and yet still allows the topicals to work. Not only that, the urea also smooths out skin and sheds layers of dry scaly skin.

Now that I have a bottle of this prescription strength urea lotion, I was wondering if anyone has had experience with a urea lotion this "potent" and am wondering if I should try it on my face. Urea is also known for it's antibacterial properties which might kill some bacteria causing acne.

I think I might give it a try.

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I took a shower. And decided to put on this 35% Urea Lotion. The first thing I feel is a light tingling burning sensation, nothing bad and not as bad as BP was when I first used it. After approximately 10 minutes of this tingling the lotion dried into the skin. The first thing I notice is that my skin is noticeably softer. Less oily; usually when I take a shower and dry off completely, my face starts producing tons of oil; I literally feel oil seeping through pores. After putting this lotion on, I am producing little if any oil on my face. I also spot treated some breakouts with 10% BP. I'll keep updating.

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Good luck to you! This seems more appealing than putting straight urine on to your face. My friend had to use a Urea lotion once for a skin condition she developed between her breasts. There were random patches of dark skin. But she kept up using it, and they're gone now. So if it doesn't help with active acne, it should definitely help with marks. Good luck!

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I haven't updated in a while. I just wanted to let everyone know, this lotion is amazing. I have almost completely cleared up. Not only that, some of my scars are noticeably lighter. What happened was, after about 3-4 days, a layer of my skin shed off. Not only that, it cleared my clogged pores, and I think has kept my skin moisturized really well. You guys should definately try this. It has really worked for me. I dont really do anything else but put on this lotion in the morning and put it on at night. I am seriously not joking, this urea lotion is amazing. The only problem is I don't know how most of you would get 35% Urea Lotion because I think it's prescription based.

This is definately worth it for anyone to try. I don't think I even got an initial breakout or anything. It just cleared my skin up the first few days, then a layer peeled off and came of when I washed my face with a water and a towel. Then it's just been uphill ever since.

I don't know how to emphasize that this has worked really well. I recommend this to everyone because my skin was really just disgusting this entire year.

This is the link to the exact lotion I have been using for hte past 4 days. Keralac 35% Urea Lotion

I would suggest many of you people to try it. It's not targeted for acne at all, but it has worked really well for me. The reason I even ventured to try this was because I read up about what urea as a lotion can do for skin, then I went even further to look up research that has been done regarding urea solutions and acne. I don't think they've ever used such a strong concentration but it has REALLY WORKED.

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you know---sweat contains urea.

im sorry, that sounded bitchy. congrats on your find! i notice that when i sweat---HARD---i'll get the "skin peeling off" feeling you mentioned, though i'm sure to a much less noticable degree.

keep posting! get some pictures!

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Im pretty sure you have the same thing as me but i dont use it on my face but my arms. The lotion is for xerosis, ichthyosis, dermatitis, keratoderma, psoriasis, keratosis and calluses, whatever those are i use it because of the "chicken skin" as some people call it that like 40-50% of people get on there outer arms and thieghs. All it is is dead skin building around the hairs and makes a small bump that is sometimes red but this is not a type of acne. All the lotion is is a exfoliating lotion and has vitamins and moisterizer in it. So it would help scaring since its making your skin exfoliate faster plus the stuff in it happens to be vitimen E, lactic acid and zinc which i think all are things that help acne, well not sure what lactic acid is but i have seen it in moisterizers which are for acne. The urea helps rehydrate your skin so i can deff. see why this would help acne and scarring, but not sure why its not used more often. So im not derm. but i would say thats why and anyone that wants some all you have to do is go to derm for that chicken skin you got on your arm, im sure someone you know has it cause they say 40-50% got it.

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