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Pustules that come and go: what is it?

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I'm 29 yrs old and recently, I've been experienced these strange breakouts on my face, behind my ears, neck and upper chest area, sometimes all at the same time, sometimes at different times.

These look like pustules, very small whiteheads, sometimes surrounded by a red narrow ring, sometimes not. They sort of look like milia. They don't hurt, aren't tender or painful to the touch but they sometimes itch. They appear in clusters and skin appears oily only in the T-zone area. The pustules and redness aren't very visible to the naked eye, sometimes not visible at all.

These breakouts suddenly occur, have no discernable pattern (i.e. menstrual cycle, stress) and resolve spontaneously. The whiteheads crust over and disappear, leaving no mark behind. Oiliness disappears and skin flakes somewhat.

What could this be? I'm sure this is not acne as I've had it when I was a teenager and I know acne when I see it!!!

Anyone ever experience this? Does it ever go away permanently?


Kristelle :)

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Hey everyone,

Well, I think I figured out what these eruptions are. It's called miliaria and I have both miliaria crystallina and pustulosa. It's caused by excessive sweating and not surprisingly, lately, I've also been experiencing increased body odor. So, no more sleeping in my pj's, only undies...hehe! Maybe my hormones are also out of whack so I'm gonna further investigate that.

More on miliaria...



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