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Nelson's Acne Gel is a healing and soothing homeopathic remedy for the relief of acne pimples and blemishes. Prepared from organically grown healing plants and homeopathically prepared sulfur. Organic (active ingredients are organically grown and processed). No petrolatum, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, or animal products. Not tested on animals.


Active Ingredients

Extract of Organically Grown Arnica Montana Tincture 2.5% V/W; Calendula Officinalis Tincture 2.5% V/W; Hypericum Perforatum Tincture 2.5% V/W; Sulfur 6x 1.5% V/W

Inactive Ingredients

Alcohol; Carbomer; Methylparaben; Purified Water; Tea Tree Oil; Trolamine

So how does this product sound? it sounds like it would b great personally? PLEASE COMMENTS! OPINIONS!!!

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I am kind of confused. You typed, "6x 1.5% Sulfur". Does that mean it is 9% sulfur? If it is just 1.5% sulfur, then do not get it, it would be a waste of money. You should get at least 5%.

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For awhile I was going natural with no prescription medication and I bought like 5 of those... I still have a few left and I am now back on medication

doxy, tazorac, benzzclin


Since I think my acne was really beyond the help of any non prescription medication, I don't think it is fair to fault it since that was among numerious other product that I had tried that also fail to be of use to my specific skin including Adult Acromal and that sulfur base clearasil one.

( i was trying anything wihtout BP because I didn't want to bleach my shirts)

The one advantage the gel has over the other products is that it is a gel and not a paste so that it goes on easy, absorb quickly and leaves little to no residue. The gel is also cooling and pretty comforting... maybe that's just from the alchol...

Anyway, now that this has reminded me tghat I still have a few of these left, I think I may give it a try on the one or two back acne that I get once in awhile.

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Unfortunately, I did not cared to note my face's condition relegiously at that time because I was in one of htose *I don't give a sh*t anymore* phase.

As noted, my face got worse and worse to the point where I gave up and went back to a derm for prescription medication.

As such, whether any non prescription strength medication will have much of an effect is questionable, certainly I have been on enough BP thorugh out my life and the only time I note consistent improvement in my skin quality is when I am on a combo of medication.

I know this is not of real help to you and I hope more ppl with quantitfiable result either way will respond soon. I put it on an acne I have in the back of my neck along the hair line last nite and today it seem to be doing fine, but I am also on antibiotic.

The texture is gel, it goes on smooth and just putting it on the back of my hand right now there doesn't seem to be a noticeable shine. It smells of tea tree oil and seem pretty calming.

For me, i think it is just as ineffective as other clearasil sulfur/adult acromal product but I am not sure if that's a knock... I see from your regiment that your acne situation defnitely does not seem as unmanageable as mine so it may work for you.... I dunno, I liked it enough at one point to buy 5 at one time so who knows :)

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I liked the feel of it. It was really soothing but it made me break out in cysts. My skin is still recovering. I think it's made for someone with very little acne. I would not recomend it if your acne is severe.

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