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im in love with a guy, but hes mates with an ex- (pete)and i reli want him (reece)! he asked me out before if we 'went out in secret away from pete' but pete sed he dun care but that reece wud neva go out with me... altho reece asked me a while ago.

Now he txt me askin if i still hav feeling for him and sed im just asking coz im wondering, and im thinking.... wots that mean!!

please you guys help me i cant ask him out agen im too scared that hel laugh and everyone will be like ugh acne covered gurl askd u out! tho reece is lovely, were best mates. just lately iv had agro bout acne ven tho its completely gone nearly - just red mark scars left.

ADVICE PLZ!!!!!!!!!

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Well I wouldn't tell him you love him , yet, haha. But you should ask him out and just say it casually...even though it's a big deal to you, don't let him know that. But I'm sure he's not gonna laugh at you! It sounds like your skin is great now, just use some good concealer and play up one really good feature on your face. This will take the focus away from any problems you have. I do this alot and it always helps me feel better about how I look. You can try a red or dark lipcolor, which draws people's eyes to your mouth, and makes your teeth look super white....or more dark makeup on the eyes...whatever you get it.

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holy crap type in english, i spent like 5 minutes figuring out what you were trying to say lol..

anyway, good luck


anyways, this is a acne messageboard. just thought i'd say that.

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The best way to get a guy, free quesidillas.

Maybe that's just me....

But the fact that he's asking means something, people don't normally ask something unless they want to know the answer, and if people want, then they care.

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