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Accutane Here I come!

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Heya all!

Just a quick introduction- My name's Amedeo, 18, with acne. My worst breakout was in 04 and i never fully recovered. I've tried everything BP. differin, minocin and variants. Then i went on Accutane. 30 MG for 5 months. It was great, I loved it. If it were a person i'd marry it. But after the course finished after about a month my acne started to coem ack, not as bad as before but v v v noticeable. I resisted from July last year to now with my facewashesa nd differin, but its not doing it, for everyt one that goes at least two more pop up at intervals. So I decidedto get a referal to anoyther dermy. My sister in law took the tane and she was on 30 mg fora whole year, even if she cleared up in 3 months. And now her skin is perfect. anyways, i got the name of her dermy and im going there today! I'v already done my blood tests so i dont have to go twice. So if everyting goes well, I'll have the tane by this evening... fingers crossed! Ill keep u posted.

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my "new" dermy is offically a dumbass... i went there... with blood tests in hand and all... he didnt even examine me he was like " summers comming come back in sept"

I cant believe i spent 20 euros via the italian NHS to go and see him... worst money i ever spent.

At least i used to spend 80 euros privately but it was well spent.

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that's really stupid :S if you're going to be on roaccutane for 6 months your bound to have to use it sometime during the summer........ unless you specifically plan to avoid the summer. that's just really dumb i'm sorry. i'd complain if i were you :S

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Aw no thats so annoying! I'm sorry to hear that asdrubalex :(

I was just about to say we could be tane-buddies hehe! Because i'm starting roaccutane today as well!

Well keep us updated with what happens.

Good luck.

Lu x

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