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Epsom Salt


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Epsom Salt

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Epsom Salt

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After 26 years .... Clear!
Reviewed on November 25, 2015

My acne started when I turned 11. I am now 38. Nothing has helped for me too have clear beautiful skin like both my sisters. A year ago I began applying a palmful of Epsom salts mixed with a few drops of water, enough to just wet it, directly to my affected areas and then leaving it to dry, about ten minutes. Rinse it off and go on with my day. Then repeat before bed. At first I broke out horribly. However I decided it was just the salts purging my skin and continued to do this fingers crossed. After the initial purge, about one week, I noticed I wasn't getting any new cysts or whiteheads. Then I began to notice that my blocked comedones were disappearing. My skin had never been so clear. So I decided to start an all natural routine. I now wash with the Epsom salts the same way however after washing I now spray on a mixture of 1/3 Organic ACV with 2/3 Distilled water and 10-12 drops Organic Tea Tree oil. Then apply jojoba oil all over for moisture and on the odd much much smaller little pimple I may get during my menstrual period I just put a drop of tea tree oil on it directly. And it seems to disappear over night. Once weekly I mix up a mask of Benzonite Clay with ACV, Lemon juice, and tea tree oil which I leave on my face for an hour and rinse off and continue with the rest of my routine. I know have beautiful acne free skin!

Know begins my battle with scars, large pores and pitted skin. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

by Patricia1980 on 03/08/2016 21:03
Hola.....quisiera saber si le ha resultado el uso de las sales de Epsom. Y si no le han vuelto a salir .... ahora lo está mi hija porque también tiene y muchos brotes cuanto tiempo debe usarlo
by MAGA on 06/26/2016 18:13
For scars, large pores and putted skin...look into dermaroller. Use a 1mm roller and don't forget the numbing gel. Look up before and afters!
Mixed Feelings
Reviewed on September 9, 2015

I began using epsom salt after reading everyone's great reviews. I had initially tried it because I had two cystic mountains on my face that I get every now and then, but usually it takes a good week or longer to get rid of both the size and the pain from them using just benzyl peroxide and tea tree oil alone. I had amazing results at first using a spot treatment method. I would apply the epsom salt and water mixture on the spots and by the next day the mountain was literally smaller and had a head to it (which usually takes at least a week for them to surface). The epsom salt spot treatment worked so well on the large areas that I thought I would try this as a mask on the rest of my face... but using it this way caused me to break out more than usual. I have heard that this can cause your skin to purge, and apparently that is true. The reason I gave this 3 stars is because it actually does work, but for me I would only use it on the large, hard to get rid of type of acne, instead of trying to battle the purge lol I just can't handle having to deal with more than I had to before.

It's worth a try
Reviewed on August 24, 2015

Epsom salt mixed with a little water really does work! I use about 2 tbsp of water and mix in 2 tbsp of epsom salt, then stir until dissolved. I will wake up and my acne spot will be noticeably smaller, if not gone. I have hormonal issues so I will get pretty large acne spots every few days but I just put my mixture of epsom salt on each spot everyday and the spot that was treated will disappear within 3 days when it would usually take a week or more to go away. I only rate this product a 4 because I have noticed that if I use the mixture as a mask rather than a spot treatment that I actually break out more. I attribute this to the epsom salt pulling impurities from deep within my pores and allowing them to surface, while this is actually a good thing and will eventually result in clear skin, I just can't handle getting 5 or more pimples than usual everyday. In the words of Kimberly Wilkins "Ain't nobody got time for that."

Reviewed on August 21, 2015

I started using it as a kind of a mask while waiting for my regimen in the mail and it really decreased the redness and shrinked it.

It works, but results are slow
Reviewed on August 14, 2015

Definitely does shrink pimples and cysts, but it will take a looooong time for the pimple (especially a cyst) to actually completely go away. It will reduce it a little at a time, so I would recommend mixing a tablespoon of Epsom salt into warm water and applying it onto the cyst with a Q-tip, and it will take about a week and a half to fully go away.

I would like to stress: DONT FREAK OUT ABOUT A ZIT, no matter how big it is. It will go away eventually and it is not the end of the world. I get bad anxiety from acne, so I understand the emotional affects it has, but just use this home remedy and wait about two weeks, it will go away and you will be okay. :)

Reviewed on August 10, 2015

I use epsom salts as a face mask 4 times a week, 2 of those times I mix it with equal parts baking soda and a few drops of water. I have got to say, it's great! The first think that struck me as odd was that despite its grainy consistency, it melts right up and is non irritating. I'm pretty sure I could use it as a cleanser and it would work great, because it leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and oil free. It's also not too bad at cleaning out my pores. Give it a try.

by melonlipgloss on 09/05/2015 05:13
I actually add a little bit of epsom salt into my face wash every morning, and at night if I have active zits. But just for maintenance once in the morning is fine.
I'm loving it
Reviewed on July 23, 2015

This thing works. Take a leap of faith and try it. 😊😊😊 I mix the salt with milk cleanser, then apply rose water for toning, and aloe vera gel as moisturiser. Keeping it simple and all natural is the way to go. If i have cyst acne, sometimes I would dilute the salt with bp, and apply it to my cyst overnight, cyst comes to a head the next day .😎

by Jimpe02 on 08/21/2015 01:21
What is bp?
by grimreaper2015 on 08/24/2015 06:55
Benzoyl Peroxide
Reviewed on May 13, 2015

I had an EXTREMELY bad, horrible breakout. It was ALL OVER my forehead and chin. I tried apple cider vinegar, but it ended up making the problem even worse. My parent's had big giant bags of Epsom salt to use in baths to calm their muscles after their workouts. I knew that Epsom salt detoxified and cleared back acne. So I looked up on using it for my face.

I do this-

1-2 times a week I exfoliate with the salt

Every other day I dissolve the salt into water, spread into my face, and let dry.

Then I dissolved the salt in water, then mixed the salt water with my Clean & Clear morning burst cleaner. I use that 2 times a day.

Also, I ice my face down every day.

I've done that for maybe 4 weeks, and my skin is almost perfect! I just have one TINY TINY blemish that is almost gone, then a little bit of scarring.


by ricky wood1976 on 05/21/2015 00:30
What about if you have it on your back chest on your scalp and the back of your neck ?
Amazing Results!!
Reviewed on April 15, 2015

Ive been using epsom salt for just a few days, combinationed with castor oil, and I have found amazing results in just a few days. I dont have severe acne, but haave always had blackheads on my nose and small pimples on my T-zone. I started washing my face with soap and epsom salt just a few days ago, and moisturizing with castor oil, and I have seen a noticable difference. I have no acne, and my fine lines have disappeared considerably! At night, I start by washing my face, and rewash it with the epsom salt, washing for about 2minutes. After rinsing my face I apply castor oil. Not only is the castor oil a moisturizer, but it has antibacterial, and anti- inflamitory properties. It also encourage the production of collagen. When I wake up in the morning, I wash my face with the epsom salt andlight soap, rinse, and apply a light moisturizer. Amazing results!!

by ricky wood1976 on 05/21/2015 00:30
What about if you have it on your back chest on your scalp and the back of your neck ?
Works for me, everyone should give it a shot-got nothing to lose!
Reviewed on January 15, 2015

So basically epsom salt is my favorite spot treatment, I use it by mixing it with a bit of water and applying on the pimple, I try to leave it on as long as possible. Then when I wash it off I find my blemishes have either come to a head or are healing! I used to have awful hormonal/cystic acne, but this combined with diet, using coconut oil as a moisturizer, and washing twice a day has solved the problem that oral medication couldn't! I only get pimples now every few months during my female time. but, this stuff definitely helps speed up healing!

by ricky wood1976 on 05/21/2015 00:30
What about if you have it on your back chest on your scalp and the back of your neck ?
by grimreaper2015 on 08/24/2015 06:43
Ricky wood1976- It works for any kind of acne anywhere. I have issues with getting acne on my shoulders sometimes and it works just as well there as it does on my chin. If you have bad acne you could even do like a whole face mask using epsom salt. I only get a few here and there so I spot treat like bbygrl.