Enzymatic Therapy Derma-Klear Akne Treatment Soap with Sulfur reviews

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Enzymatic Therapy Derma-Klear Akne Treatment Soap with Sulfur
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Brand: Enzymatic Therapy

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Enzymatic Therapy Derma-Klear Akne Treatment Soap with Sulfur


Active Ingredient:
Sulfur (5%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Aloe vera leaf, chamomile (Matricaria recutita) flower extract 5:1, fo-ti (Polygonum multiflorum) root extract 5:1, vegetable glycerin, glycyrrhetinic acid, hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) berry extract 5:1, pentasodium pentetate, rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) leaf extract 5:1, sage (Salvia officinalis) aerial part extract 5:1, sodium chloride, sodium cocoate, sodium palm kernalate, sodium palmate, tetrasodium etidronate, titanium dioxide color, and water.

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Enzymatic Therapy Derma-Klear Akne Treatment Soap with Sulfur

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Derma-Klear Akne Treatment Soap 3 Ounces
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Enzymatic Therapy Derma-Klear Akne Treatment Soap with Sulfur

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Reviewed on March 28, 2011

So, I used this stuff for several months a couple years ago. Saw it at my local health food store and tossed it into the cart, figuring I had little to lose. This little sulfur bar amazed me, killing my acne within a week (there were still marks, of course, but all of the inflamed stuff began to die down). It eventually cleared all of my face acne and even halved my severe body acne by over half, maybe even 70 percent.

BUT. My SO at the time called it 'fart soap', that's what it smelled like to him. No matter how much I rinsed, or no matter what soap I used after using this one, he could still smell the sulfur. So the thought that other people might smell it too made me quit.. didn't want to smell like I had chronic gas.

Switched to a prescription sulfacetamide lotion (no sulfur smell), which worked wonders. But now that that lotion is no longer working, I'm seeking another solution (yet again... I'm nearing 30 and still have this crap). Might give the sulfur soap a whirl again. Maybe I can find something to really cut the smell (following w/ lemon juice? Baking soda? both?) Any tips appreciated.

by Chkffy on 07/25/2015 16:19
Screw what your SO said! Use what you know works! He sounds very immature! He probably noticed your confidence and didn't like it, so he had to make a comment. You're lucky changing your routine didn't have a bad adverse effect! I used this soap for my face, the smell rinses off after lathering...