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  2. I/ Nah, they don't. Striae distensae (even when they're being formed, aka striae rubra)NEVER reach the hypodermis, ever, even the very severe ones that were displayed on this forum months ago. The subcutaneous tissue (or dermis) is where fibroblasts and fat tissue are stored. Stretch marks occur because of a lack of elastin and collagen contained in the dermis (in fact, elastin represents something like 3-4% of the overall weight composition of the dermi), they don't exist in the hypodermis
  3. Those are contracture scars and some stretch marks go really deep into the hypodermis, they just don't affect movement because they are not as extensive. I hardly believe that adding synthetic fibers to promote elasticin production will make the skin look natural. The gap has already been filled by scar tissue. It will simply improve the appearance. By how much? Nobody knows. Renova once made bold statements, but where are they now? Don't put all your faith on this.
  4. their search is not over yet.the result may be even better
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  6. My skin still burns. I have comedones, I think. Same things. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, my therapy is Zinc+Se, and I have more progesterone. My forehead is clean.
  7. Some scars do extend very very deep, reaching the hypodermis, usually those that cause real disabilities (like the ones that prevent proper movement), that's not the case with stretch marks. About getting rid of the scar tissue: it's more about fixing it than removing it (you'd have to remove several layers of skin depending on the severity of it), which is possible for striae distensae as they're atrophic scars, but not for hypertrophic scars indeed (at least yet). Stretch marks are simply
  8. Most of the tears happen in the dermis but some do extend into the hypodermis. The gaps are filled by scar tissue anyway as the body repairs them. Elastogen will not get rid of that scar tissue.
  9. No, you won't, I mentioned a 80-90% improvement before, BUT in terms of depression volume, not in terms of skin tightening: stretch marks won't get tightened or smoothed, they'll be filled up by synthetic skin up by 80-90%. The result will obviously be completely different compared to previous procedures...in a very good way. It occurs in the dermis, not the hypodermis. I do agree with you about everyone having them, but some of us have them literally everywhere due to genetics. They can
  10. it feels like everyone's against me because of my face. I'm 38 years old and haven't gone anywhere for eight years because of this torment. My own mom can't even look at me and she always looks uncomfortable when talking to me and that makes me uncomfortable. I haven't had a normal conversation with a person where they didn't cringe or avoid staring at my face in I don't know how long maybe 10 years. My face ALWAYS feels crappy and ALWAYS looks crappy and is getting worse every single day, but I
  11. No, this is the worst option. Lasers are more geared towards shallow scars and wrinkles. Yes, it is treatable. But it will take a number of years, at least 3 years. Is this something that you can afford, both financially and psychologically? In order to make any progress, you need to be 100% committed and focused like a hawk. As for treatment, you need multiple sessions of subcision to break up the scar fibers. This alone will help immensely. Other options like TCA could be c
  12. I'm personally not bothered by stretch marks, but everyone has their own priorities and insecurities. My acne scars bug me, but some burn victims would think I have it easy. There seems to be varying degrees of stretch marks too
  13. I don't see it either. I'd message him. Link to his profile: https://www.acne.org/profile/515969-beautifulambition/.
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  15. I'm wondering, will the implant be injected with a simple syringe?
  16. Since you have widespread scarring you should get a thinner filler that can be put throughout. I do think it’s worth a shot to do subcision and filler. Multiple subcisions are needed. I’ve gotten 5 so far and the improvement has been amazing, but I still need more. I’ve gone back to my home country to get treatments since it’s more affordable and I’ve had good results. If you have family overseas where you could get a recommendation it could be worth it to look into doctors there. It could be ri
  17. Something you probably can't afford because instead of trying to become wealthy, you cry over your scars. I doubt you will see 100% improvement. However, it is something to look forward too for sure. Stretch marks are actually caused by skin tearing deep in the dermis or hypodermis. Elasticin is the protein that holds it all together preventing these tears. Unfortunately, when the skin is stretched to its max, it cannot return back to normal, therefore the body tries to
  18. Hey, buddy, I just wanted to lend some support. I know how you feel. It's tough. Just concentrate on a good plan and execute it. My only advice is to be wary of fillers.
  19. we see probably 100% improvement from elastagen
  20. Nothing works for stretch marks right now, literally nothing. The best thing you can get is skin tightening and that's it, plus it's a temporary measure. Nothing works because they're localized in the dermis, pure and simple, and because the body doesn't know how to repair these lesions. I do agree that you can address their color with vascular lasers however, which is at least an option. As far as improvement goes, what I like with elastagen is how they're adressing depression volume: it's
  21. "I’m a 21 year old woman." Your acne isn't a permanent thing.It's largely age related so even if nothing works, it'll go away by itself within the next few years. "I’ve done accutain... TWICE " Your response- "I recommend Accutane" Why respond to posts that you don't even read?
  22. 70-80% improvement range regard stretch marks in MY opinion is something that can be considered a solution already, specially if it comes to resolve the major problem with striae which is the depression/elasticity of the skin the rest can be adressed with lasers or even tattoing over it if it comes to texture/color
  23. @De Rerum [email protected] -As far as striae distensae (stretch marks) go, I think we're indeed about to see the first real working treatment come out, which is honestly about time. When it comes to atrophic scars in general it's also a breakthrough for sure, but It's going to depend on the type of scarring, as scars are often very different compared to each other (even amongst the same type of scars, aka atrophic in this case). This should definitely make a lot of noise if the results from
  24. How much do you think this could cost if successful ?
  25. Are you also doing the chembrasion with the same doctor that did the subcision?
  26. well thats pretty interesting give the science behind it is very solid could be a resolution for those with striae and atrophic scars hope wont take another ten years
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