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  2. beautifulambition

    What type of Scars do I have and best treatment for them

    @Sam492 Worth a try right, before you do laser or something expensive. I normally get people after they try all that first or even Glycolic peels. Glycolic peels could help your skin. Also hydro facials if you would rather they do it at a Dr. Retin-a/tretinorin/differin nightly.
  3. beautifulambition

    acne scars forehead

  4. beautifulambition

    Weird texture, redness, white sebaceuos protrusions

    This looks like fungal acne or dermatitis. Please see a dermatologist. Stop using whatever products besides sensitive skin face soap and some sunscreen. I have seen this reaction from products. Natural antifungals are sulfur soap or tea tree.
  5. powerpack1234

    acne scars forehead

    when the red spots on the forehead go, will it be better?
  6. beautifulambition

    acne scars forehead

    No were having a translation issue possibly. I don't want to give you ideas of perfection, but I do want to help you. You can improve! Retin-a or tretinorin sold in Russia I am sure produces cell turnover, and helps some with the redness.
  7. beautifulambition

    Nothing Working AUS Scars

    @welldone28 I am sorry you feel treatment was a waste of money. Can you tell me what did work, at least somewhat. I see improvement and can imagine the deeper scars. I don't know if you want me to offer any other treatment as you seem to think it's not worth it. With all those Drs they would have different ways of treating potentially making it worse. It seems you have orangepeel - boxcars and some larger pores from the work they did. I don't see microdermabasion doing anything in your case. Skin grafts can make things worse and cause more scars. You can do subcision if you wish with a cannula (a few sessions). Fat grafting will not work in your case, it will turn out lumpy and you will be displeased. IF I was you I would do A vial or 2 of sculptra over dilute before my laser (they use a cannula and inject throughout the cheeks -can be done w/ subcision) or really plump up the cheeks with Voluma which will hide some of those scars. (or both at different times). Again volume hides a lot of orange peel, if they filled you before individually that is not what I mean, ... I mean to volumize the whole cheek (not scars). If you were to do tca, I would do paint method where they paint tca inside the box car 3x in one session to raise the floor, tca cross is done for smaller icepicks, but yours look relatively shallow. Orange peel I would do high density fraxel 1927nm and 3-7% CO2 desnity with the highest power. Some of those scars are too deeep for fully ablative resurfacing until scars are raised first. Regarding the Drs, sometimes they are just not a good match for our goals or personality. There are others out there if you dare spend more or try someone else. Have you tried a Urea based cream, it might help to restore your moisture barrier. I would not do punch elevation or floats all over your skin, but that is your choice. I have seen good and bad outcomes. It all depends on how you heal.
  8. powerpack1234

    acne scars forehead

    is it a bad forehead huh? Why use Differential, Retina A?
  9. beautifulambition

    acne scars forehead

    @powerpack1234 Thank you much better pictures. You have lots of box cars, and you have PIE or redness as I mentioned before. No your skin will not be glass smooth but it will be greatly improved. Most scar suffers will not say their scars are "invisible," but they will say they are improved and get on with their life. The forhead is the hardest place to treat, thin skin, lots of arteries, muscles, and it heals poorly. You said your derm has BBL or vascular laser, please do this, you have lots of red PIE. All over the cheeks, forehead, etc. Botox is needed on your forehead. Subcision can be done here if your Dr is very experienced, They most likely will use a normal needle without filler as this area is hard to inject. CO2 is done to the boxcars or rf microneedling (Several sessions). Buy a dermastamp, start stamping the box cars, I don't know if they sell to Russia but you can buy a Derminator which is a machine if you want also. You can have your Dr do acid peels or you do them. Do some glycolic peels. Wait 3 months between Dr treatments and 1 month between dermastamping at home or peels. I want you to use (one of theses) retin-a/tretinorin/differin, every night. Sunscreen! The biggest issue with Russia I am told by the others I help, are there are many bad Drs who do not know how to treat scars. @Candy Says Perhaps Candy can help you as he speaks Russian, you can private message him as well. I would concentrate on the PIE or redness first, and get a dermastamp, then go from there.
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  11. tasinhoooo

    acne scars forehead

    @powerpack1234 You know forehead is really hard to treat but if you combine subcision with filler you will see more than 60-70% improvement.You can excise some scars too but there is a high possibility to do things worse.Expert members will guide you better than me,but this is the way to go my friend.
  12. powerpack1234

    acne scars forehead

    Thank you dear friend for the answer. Do you think it will be possible to make it invisible?
  13. Vidrar

    Reducing hard lumps after subcision, any tips?

    I've gotten a few of these, they go away within a few weeks.
  14. tasinhoooo

    acne scars forehead

    @powerpack1234 Hello dear friend,the pics you uploaded in your last post,can really show your scars and i'm pretty sure now that expert members here,will give you better directions about treatment plans.In my opinion,subcision(from an expert doctor on this procedure) with filler will give you best results.After that,botox and some tca peels will make your scars unoticeable.Thanks.
  15. powerpack1234

    acne scars forehead

    I do not give rest to my forehead. Is there anyone on this site who has achieved good results on their foreheads? and I do not understand where the red spots? in bad light can they look like scars? Local dermatologists say my forehead is not so bad. but I see the opposite this is the worst lighting
  16. welldone28

    Nothing Working AUS Scars

    Hey everyone. I have been struggling with acne and with very self-esteem killing acne scarring since teenage years. Looking at my photos, what type of scarring you think I got and what treatment do you believe is best? (sorry couldn't take sharper selfies) After tons of research & reading, I have done microdermabrasion, 3 skin grafting treatments + few laser treatments ( I think CO2) with Dr Sinclair, then skin needling + PRP + fraxel lasers with Dr Lim, and after that laser and even filler with Dr Goodman! I've also done quite few sessions of skin needling at home with Derminator few months apart. To be completely honest, not impressed with any of the doctors (my hopes were high), thousands & thousands of dollars later... Dr Sinclair was the nicest, Dr Lim was the most arrogant ( he's got a certain "laid back face" on social media but quite different in real life, at least in my experience, I felt uncomfortable around him every time; But hey - if I saw RESULTS I wouldn't care about his snobbish demeanor!) So now I am looking into other options such as subcision, TCA cross and incision..fat grafting, punch excision, some kind of surgery - I dont know anymore!!!? Looking for help here as a last resort.... any advice is appreciated! -eternally frustrated
  17. Beside microbiome I would say there may be some correlation with antibodies which may appear during curation (untypical titre and fluorescensy). This may correlate with cell's splitting in future and that is why the disease is spreading and just do not want to disappear. And it also can correlate with problem with doing sport / activities because lactic acid which is produced naturally in muscles during activities can help with spreading this antibodies and can cause serious muscle defects in future. So if every test you already did, didn't show any abnormalities then try to do ANA test. There're 3 levels of ANA. ANA1, ANA2 and ANA3. ANA1 doesn't show many details but if this one is in norm there is no need to do ANA2 or ANA3. In my case only this one test showed that something wrong is happennig. Some doctors may say that ANA abnormalities may be related to SLE but don't believe them. Modern studies show that you need to have many others test done to say that is SLE. Yesterday and today I met two professors and they were first people who told that my health issues are strictly correlated with taking isotretinoin so I assume it may open some doors during discution with other specialists. Till these days all doctors were saying it's impossible so it may help.
  18. Maicon

    White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    Yes, the root cause for this condition is small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Google it! I read hundreds of reports about this, but it seems no one was ever able to cure SIBO - just like no one in this forum was ever able to cure their acne/rosacea. For some, antibiotics help for a while, but in the end the problem returns.
  19. Leave it man dont pop it, change ur cleanser
  20. Whats up with my skin, it has a weird texture, white solid protrusions which on removing leave small holes/scars . I feel that some parts are also raised above the skin a little bit. Please help!!
  21. Can you guys please help me understand whats up with my skin and how to resolve it? I had been using jojoba oil but stopped to see if anything changed, but it didnt! Please help! I just wash my face once a day using clean and clear and moisturize and ie pretty much it. Overall my face has a very weird texture as you can see.
  22. franklinjosh


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  23. Fatty343

    Help. Advice needed!!

    Really? What makes you think that?
  24. rantthekidd

    Acne Hair Loss in Scalp

    Hello everyone, this is my first post. I would come read the forums for a few weeks ago to read about accutane and people's reviews on it. I started taking Accutane exactly 10 days ago on 30mg and I was wondering what my chances would be in my hair regrowing back. I have severe acne in my face, back and the back of my scalp. This treatment has given me hope about curing it but I am wondering if anyone knows if my hair in the back of head will grow back after the treatment since I already do have hairless spots and it is embarrassing. Thank you
  25. Anish004

    Scarless Healing

    OLX 101 scar reducing or scarless healing ? cant decide by statement these days
  26. Kean.445

    Accutane messed me up

    Hello I’m having a very similar problem to you, I have started to break out even worst after acutane. It got so bad to where my face would get numb and I would start to get white heads, I just wanted to ask if your face is better and if so what did you do to make it better?
  27. kbam222

    Amazing Results

    Amazing Results

    I started using this regimen out of desperation. About 2 months before I started using this product I had switched from the pill birth control to an IUD. Within a short amount of time the switch had thrown my hormones out of wack. I developed cystic acne and it grew and grew. It got to the point where I would only leave the house to go to classes and that was it. I was incredibly self-conscious of my skin and the acne on it. I was uncomfortable in my own skin and i knew something needed to be done. I started with some topical medicines that didn't work. That is when I started this regimen. And it CHANGED MY LIFE. I have been using it for around 9 months and I can go days with no makeup and feel completely comfortable. I have a combination of dry and oily skin. But, this regimen is a great use for it all. Thank you Acne.org!
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