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  2. Why low iodine? Its good for the thyroid right? Seeing my current weight i could use some extra burning.
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  4. I wonder if I can heal my penis damage / the soft glans disorder with the vitamin A diet, bone-broth fast, or any other diet, or if it is irreparable.Can't imagine how nutrition should fix such damage. Off-topic: I read something interesting in the Accutane Facebook group. Apparently Accutane shortens the telomeres, there is a nootropic that lengthens the telomeres. It's called Epitalon. The question is whether the healing/lengthens of the telomeres also implies healing/ improvement
  5. Hi. Here are some thoughts of mine: -Is your face getting sun exposure? If you're not using an SPF, the sun can cause this to happen. This happened to me once, but I think the AHA contributed more to the increased sun sensitivity. -Are you using Acne.org Regimen products only? If not, you may be reacting to a fragrance or dye found in many drugstore products. -Are you allergic to licochalcone? The Acne.org moisturizer (and AHA) contains this ingredient. I think it says on the bott
  6. Hi ! I’ve been using the acne.org full regimen for 7 months and it worked GREAT for me. I love it. I stopped for a few weeks and then reordered benzoyl peroxide . And now everytime I put the product on my face or on my back, my skin gets super red and itchy. What should I do ? I have some light acne coming back and I don’t understand why I have this reaction since I’ve used it for 7 months without getting any problem... Should I stopped trying to use benzoyl peroxide and stick
  7. Has anyone had subcision for pitted / rolling scars at Medispa with Dr Munir Somji? Their clinic is based in London/Essex. I would love to hear people’s experiences. Currently weighing up my options to do this procedure in London but haven’t found much about this doctor on this particular forum.
  8. Has anyone had subcision for pitted / rolling scars at Medispa with Dr Munir Somji? Their clinic is based in London/Essex. Currently weighing up my options to do this procedure in London. Not found much about this doctor on this particular forum.
  9. You know what? Forget the bamboo, and forget food. I went all day today with nothing but spring water and Seagate seaweed capsules, and I have absolutely zero desire for food. My brain is as calm as it's ever been. Completely stress free. I'll continue with this daily as long as I have excess fat to burn up front. The machines always indicated laminaria as the top food recommendation, but I could never find a low iodine brand until i found the Seagate brand. And it's working. Will keep the
  10. I know it looks awful now but it's going to heal. But first you need to use the right products for cicatrization and stop picking up your skin. Also it is inflamed so don't use band-aids, make up, or anything that covers it and don't let it breathe. Since it's sensitized I recommend you to buy products with Niacinamide. A cleanser, micellar water or toner and a serum with it would help you a lot.
  11. I’m a pimple popper. I wish I wasn’t but I am. I can’t fight the urge to resist picking and popping at my skin. I’ve never ever had bad acne my whole life. I’m turning 20 in June. I just made this account 5 minutes ago because i’m freaking out. When I usually pick at a pimple sure it’s red for a day or two but it’s never this severe. I’m absolutely embarrassed. This is new to me. I went to CVS last night and bought some On The Spot Acne Treatment by Neutrogena. So far it appears to have reduced
  12. I would highly recommend introducing benzoyl peroxide to your skin care routine. The benzoyl peroxide will dry up all the whiteheads and kill the acne bacteria. It’s honestly the only thing that’s worked to clear my skin. Hang in there
  13. I would recommend introducing differin very slowly into your routine. Starting with applying it every second night, to then using it nightly. Make sure you only apply a pea sized amount and spread it across your entire face. Follow up with a heavier moisturizer. Cerave has good ones. Your skin will peel, and be irritated at first, but the results will be so worth it. Hang in there also differin and retin A are great for anti-aging, and help fine lines and wrinkles, which is a bonus!
  14. I had the same thing happened! I would recommend stopping using ACV on the face completely. Allow your skin to heal, and use Vaseline over the burn.hope this helps
  15. I would recommend benzoyl peroxide! Honestly it is the only thing that helped my acne.
  16. This looks like a whitehead that hasn’t come to a head. You can either spot treat with some benzoyl peroxide or put a pimple patch on it. Cosrx has a good one. Just make sure not to pick, or pop it, and it should go away pretty soon
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  18. Nope, the benzoyl peroxide would be absorbed in your skin. What I would worry more about is the constant rubbing of the mask on the pressure points - acne mechanica. I would make sure to include aha every other night to prevent any breakouts related to wearing a mask
  19. Yes, I eat chia seeds! They have not caused any breakouts in my skin. In fact, I think they help due to the omegas and from my own research chia seeds can improve acne.
  20. The phenol peel is actually $6000. I did dermabrasion in 2017 and it cost $3000 maybe because of the general anesthesia, the result was less than thrilling because it's not a full face dermabrasion. Had to deal with 3 hypopigmentation areas which were the forehead and the 2 cheeks. Acne scars on the 2 cheeks had about 15-20% improvement, and the forehead was maybe 5-10%. The downtime was 3 months of not going anywhere because it was so red. I would say it took me about 6 months to fully soc
  21. I react to eggs, chickpeas are estrogenic, coconut oil is anti androgenic due to the lauric acid, same goes for coconut milk. Almond milk is loaded with polyunsaturated fat, which is anti androgenic and inflammatory for me. Walnut, linseed, chia, all loaded with polyunsaturated fat, which again is anti androgenic. Nori is good, but giant kelp is better due to it's alginate content. Alginate binds to radioactive toxins such as 13 cis retinoic acid and removes it from the body. Salmon is goo
  22. I had Subcision, CROSS Carbolic and Microneedling done with Dr. Rullan on Tuesday (5/26/20). The Dr. was great! He makes you feel very comfortable during the procedure by chatting and explaining what he’s doing. The procedure itself was not painful, ad your face is nimbed with anesthesia. It was a bit uncomfortable, as you can still feel tugging and can hear the tethers being severed, but overall I found it to be less painful than microneedling with numbing cream. I‘m including pictu
  23. I just got back to California and am planning my next round of subcision and Infini RF which will be about a four month time frame. Once my acne scars are leveled and evened as possible I'm looking to add phenol peel to help smooth out the rough and moon-cratered skin that I have. Someone had phenol done here by Dr. Rullan in Chula Vista/San Diego however I can't find the post. Their results were really good! I've noticed that the general consensus here is that Rullan is a great guy and an
  24. Hi there, Not sure if you’ll see this but I was wondering how you‘ve been getting on with the subcision with Dr Anil and it’s progress with your scars? I’m thinking of going with either him or Dr Somji at medispa, can’t quite decide. I don’t suppose anyone on this forum has had subcision with Dr Somji?
  25. My face scars easily for some reason, and I have typically bad skin (eczema, dry and dark uneven skin tone) I used to have pale and healthy skin when I was young, and as soon as my teen years came around 14-15 my skin started to darken all over my body, and I got alot of acne. Recently it had been bothering me due to it getting worse, i.e skin getting darker and dryer. I have also noticed that my complexion has gotten really bad. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciat
  26. Sub + filler all the way. You have near perfect skin texture despite your scars atrophic nature, so the above is all that is needed.
  27. Thanks – it would be good to hear how you get on in the next few days and weeks. Good luck with your progress. I'm going to book my consultation soon and most likely with Dr Anil also.
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