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  2. beautifulambition

    CO2 Fractional for acne scars (Exelo2?)

    @ScarRight This is a troll, not worth a word or a worry here. We get one every few months. Possibly the same person who thinks laser will slice dice and magically improve everything. They are so very obvious. Especially by their account data that is very similar to previous trolls ;-). This one most likely uses a VPN. It's always various parts in Europe they post from. Always pushing laser to fix everything. Notice they have nothing to add to the discussion, they did not come for help. Nor did t
  3. ScarRight

    CO2 Fractional for acne scars (Exelo2?)

    Collegen takes 3-6 months to build up and develop when you have something like a laser done. Your skin needs time to heal. Where are these peer reviewed studies stating you can do scar treatments spaced four weeks apart? People on this forum have actually provided evidence in the way of photos, logs, etc. Are these medical studies peer reviewed? Or are they sponsored by the laser companies?
  4. @Horsti Can be yes, ... check how many they have done, should be hundreds if not thousands, ask about settings, discuss how many cases she has done for acne scars before. If they are fully trained they can be ok. On this device even Dr's sometimes have their staff do the treatment. As you are Caucasian, uninsulated needles may not be as big of a deal though insulation is better. Expect longer down time, some redness which won't be bad. If you heal poorly do insulation. She can always do a test a
  5. I have been on Accutane for 1.5 months so far, and my dermatologist said I have to stop having it because it is causing liver function issues. I'm on 30mg. I thought I was so lucky because I have 0 side effects, besides dry lips and dry skin. I have to wait till next month to see the dermatologists again. Will my acne come back during the month?
  6. @ScarRight Yes, TCA cross is usually done on icepick scars and boxcar scars. Here is a quote from the study: (which I will link below) Although in various studies best results with CROSS TCA are seen in ice-pick scars but since in our study we combined it with subcision, results were equally good even in rolling scars and boxcars scars. What we have to realize is that TCA was combined with subcision. This is what I am aiming for: I contacted plastic surgeon who does dermal fillers and tca cro
  7. Today
  8. Hi, im here looking for a advice for my nose bumps, i think i already have tried everything, i already did 3 co2 sessions, needling, peels, glycolyc, salycilic, nothing seems to make this bump flat again. i just wanted my nose to be flat again, i saw tons of photos on the internet of much worse cases such rhynophyma turning perfect that made me think that my case wasnt that hard to treat. i know my case isnt that severe but still affect mt pretty much, specially because the photos dont sh
  9. ScarRight

    CO2 Fractional for acne scars (Exelo2?)

    TCA cross for rolling scars? This is generally not the gold standard. Are these 'studies' peer reviewed? Subcision is probably better used here. Scar treatments take a long time. You should aim to do several treatments over 2-3 years. You should realistically aim to get 20-30% improvement from your fractional laser session. If you get more improvement, then great. However, you will never get rid of your scars. A realistic expectation is 50% improvement over a few treatments spaced out ever
  10. I have slow thyroid with body hair, have to starve to loose weight. Am curious if others are like this?
  11. Nick2500

    Does Vaping cause acne

    I think you find there is a massive connection, just on this forum, I have also spoken to a doctor this morning who advice anyone that vapes and sufferers with acne as I first port of call to ditch it.
  12. Hi ive been in the regimen for 3 weeks now but i feel depressed and worried about my face, everytime i used the regimen i suffer a lot of itching and tingling sensation especially at night i couldn't sleep because of it. One night i decided to wash my face off after using the regimen so that i could sleep. Some of my acne dissapears but i see some acne coming back and having more breakouts. I need some help. Ive watch a lot of acbe.org regimen videos in youtube but i feel doesnt work for me
  13. KarenM


    Salicylic acid
  14. You can easily get rid of oily and acne prone skin by the use of this oil. It works as anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, anti-viral and antiseptic agent that is best for killing the bacteria that are a source of producing acne on your skin. You can also read some easy natural remedies which can be used to treat pimples and acne scars by tea tree oil on zsazsacreamreviews.
  15. Yes that’s a valid point, many of us on these boards do not have vast disposable incomes. However, it is still interesting to see what those with incomes beyond the norm have been able to do? Or perhaps even what they haven’t been able to achieve despite their bundles of cash, no?
  16. zsacream

    Shoulder Acne Scara

    You can use Coconut Oil, Besan, Apple Cider Vinegar or Aloe Vera. Using of these Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Acne Scars And Pimple Marks.
  17. Yeah, but most of us don't have access to the same things she does. Most people live paycheck to paycheck. How are they supposed to pay for multiple sessions of subcision, RF microneedling, and/or TCA Cross? Megan Fox can fly to Dr. Rullan or Dr. Lim and get whatever procedure she wants at any time.
  18. You have to clean your skin gently, take care of your skin and use the cleaning lotions or gels. The sun is bad for acne so avoid going out on the skin without the use of a proper sunscreen. Read the article on zsazsacreamreviews for Best Acne Treatment Products.
  19. Vidrar

    I NEED HELP! severe scars, Cant find a Dr..

    Dont do laser, they're looking to rip you off. I'd wait til i find a sub dr, then throw all that $ away. You need subcision first, case closed.
  20. zsacream

    Does Vaping cause acne

    No clear connection between vaping and acne.
  21. zsacream

    Acne Problem

    Topical treatments can reduce the amount of dirt, oil and bacteria on the skin. Exposed Skin Care effectively treat acne, so your skin becomes clearer and healthier. You get a guarantee to clear your skin in 30 days.
  22. No bubble to burst mate. We’re all more than aware of photoshop (even on supposed candids) and frame by frame editing for film. Do you know that nowadays some actresses have a 3-wrinkle clause in their contracts? If a shot requires a close up of them smiling, some actresses will allow just 3 laugh lines to remain in the shot, all the others must be removed digitally in post production. But plenty of celebs do get procedures, that do improve their scarring. Which is what I think we are inte
  23. @ScarRight my scarring is mainly shallow to moderate rolling and boxcar scarring with few deeper scars, which would benefit from subcision and fillers (ha fillers or fat transfer are the only fillers worth considering here in Finland). Tca cross have been shown not to only benefit icepick and boxcar scarring but also rolling scars in a medical study. I believe I will try fillers for my deeper scars first and see if I like the results, if not then I'll probably have to try fat transfer in 2 years
  24. Being rich certainly doesn't hurt. They have instant access to procedures and possibly even products which aren't released to the general public yet Those scars were tiny. If her scarring was worse more people would have noticed it.
  25. It's called Photoshop people! Sorry to burst your bubble, but even celebrities have scars and are not 100% perfect behind the industry strength makeup.
  26. Her scars are really not so obvious anymore, that picture from last year is the most apparent they’ve been, maybe repeated HA or Bellafill since then? My big question though is which Dr did the TCA Cross on Megan Fox, they did a pretty good job at shallowing them out! Needless to say she was considered one of the hottest women in the world even when she had a couple of very minor ice picks. Goes to show the general populace doesn’t even register/see acne scars half the time.
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