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  3. isotretinoin is a really scary drug, lethal I'd say. I would not recommend it to anyone. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6431453/Thousands-prescribed-Roaccutane-theres-disturbing-evidence-leave-men-suicidal.html Not as rare s you might think - possibly s high as 30% according to one research paper. If your derm tells you anything else you shouldn't put your trust in them.
  4. Everyone made huge effort with the MHRA call for information. They have now asked for people to speak to the EWG. Last day to apply is Thurday17th June. Registration only takes 1 minute. https://www.gov.uk/.../isotretinoin-an-expert-review-of... Or else you can still send you case history/experience or any other info to the email address below. If you have a dermatologists on side(which I doubt) please get them to contribute. Patient and other stakeholder views are an esse
  5. I am 59 years old. I still have very oily skin. Started when I was 12. Here is what has helped me. Insulin Resistance Diet. I am not over weight so I never considered an insulin problem but I guess I have one. Takes at least two months to help. 6 capsules of 500 mg. B 5. One 300 benfothiamin a day. 3000 mg of myo inositol a day. Magnesuim and potassium powder drink twice a day. Oil reduced about 75 percent. Never give up on finding your cure. Good luck.
  6. Was it C02 laser or fractional C02 laser? I know C02 laser is much more intense and you're prone to alot more side effects in the worst case scenarios. Regarding texture, I have had permanent orange peel texture after microneedling with enlarged pores/small dot scars and just overall bad texture. It still hasn't recovered to this day. Just try and take the best care of your skin , hydrate it , keep it out of the sun, eat well , sleep well etc and the damage will likely be minimised. p
  7. Yeah not sure if that is acne. Folliculitis is a different condition. Here's a way to know what might be up. Almost no one has acne on their body and none on their face. Have acne on your face? If it's not acne, then you'll want to stick with the treatment that's right for whatever you have. Google around and learn more about folliculitis and its treatments as well. You always need to be your own advocate when it comes to stuff like this, so learn everything you can about your condition.
  8. I want to believe that I can hide it in this section of the internet, because I don't want to post this on Reddit or a diary website that I frequently use, but at the same time, I want to feel good about something that I did. And my mom doesn't know how to give praise or encouragement, all she knows is how to take away from pride and dignity. So that's why I find myself posting this tiny bit of achievement. And it was just a simple one mile walk to the park from my house. But to me, it was a hug
  9. Check here to find a doc that's right for this. Don't try anything on your own that might make it worse. Get under the care of a good doc.
  10. Japan: I got a job in Japan and ate mostly meat, fish and rice. Of course I ate other things but mostly day to day I ate that. My acne was clear as long as I stayed away from processed meats like hot dogs and others (they have damn good hotdogs in Japan at 7-11!) of course eggs and dairy were off limits as well. I'm sensitive to mushrooms and certain nightshades to but I'm not sure if they mess up my skin. Back in the US: So my face is pretty clear. Then I return home and it comes back
  11. Hello I'm 48 years old, male and have dealt with severe acne from age 30 to 48. The beginning: It started around 30 years old. And I believe it is food related because I'm sensitive to dairy. Back then I went on antibiotics for treatment which cleared my acne but antibotics made me drowsy and gave me anxiety (I never had anxiety before taking antibiotics). A few years later it returned the antibiotics would no longer work. So I would go off antibiotics and go back on them.
  12. Hello everyone. The basic protocol is taking bone broth and collagen supplement 3 times daily for 1 month. Of course you can make your own bone bone broth but it does take a lot of time. I'm 48 and have had severe acne from age 27 to 48 off and on. Cutting some foods like eggs, dairy and wheat has helped dramatically but I still had bad acne. No open sores but very red pimples all over my face. I tried a bone broth taking a bone broth supplement and collagen supplement 3 times dai
  13. Hi everyone! I'm currently in the same situation. I started using Accutane 1 week ago and I need to have my hair relaxed in 3 days. I don't know if it's going to harm my hair. My hair type is 4b and the relaxer I use is Avlon Affirm FiberGuard (this one). My stylist says she doesn't know how things may turn out and doesn't take responsibilities for that. Any experience relaxing your hair on accutane?
  14. Soooo… after a decade of struggling with acne (im 22), I just got diagnosed with PCOS. It’s weird because my acne used to be way worse (very severe) years ago but I didn’t miss any periods like I do now. I’m not insulin resistant so not really sure what the cause of my PCOS is or how to treat. I don’t want to take birth control. I feel like you can tell I have PCOS by the texture of my skin. It’s oily w large pores and some bumps. Anyone else have skin like this? What are you doing to treat it t
  15. Take it from me, someone who is type 5 and badly hypopigmented from Rullan's phenol treatment -- don't do it if you don't want those areas to get worse/add to it. Do TCA instead. It may widen the scar but at least your color eventually returns
  16. Also, there are plastic 'support frames' you can get for the inside of your mask which frame your mask around your mouth/chin/nose as opposed to sitting on your face directly. Sorry that I can't include any links here but a company named 4ocean makes them (it's on their homepage) and I'm sure you can find them on amazon as well. Goodluck!
  17. You ideally want the scars to change shape from deep boxcar/icepick scars with well-defined borders (A) to more rounder and shallower rolling scars (C).
  18. This is an update. Since the last time I wrote, I received 2 Erbium laser + 2 radiofrequency treatments (two of them were done in the same session). I continue to take my meds and the accutane is about to run out. I won't be trading for 3 months until the summer is over. I think that the improvement will continue in this process. What are you thinking? I just wanted to let you know if anyone is following.
  19. I'm trying to figure out how shallow my scars need to get before I do laser resurfacing. Ideally as close to the surface as possible, but it may not be that easy. So what is a shallow scar? Is it a scar where you can clearly see the bottom of it from all angles? One that hardly casts a shadow? I've seen Dr. Lim resurface what he considers shallow scars that I didn't think they appeared all that shallow but supposedly they were ready for resurfacing.
  20. My apologies if it's been mentioned already, but how soon after did you notice the results of erbium? Was it well after all the swelling went down? What would you estimate your improvement from the erbium sessions?
  21. Monthly tca cross for at least 4 to 6 months should straighten that out. Try to go to an expert in this method then finish off with laser
  22. Hi guys. I have been struggling with acne for about 4-5 years. I tried many ointments but did not work upto the expectations. I have heard of laser and microneedling works well on acne scars. I need help to figure out what treatments do I really need to improve my scars?
  23. Do you also think I could benefit from subcision? I have very few rolling scars, but I wonder if the other scars could benefit. I had subcision once with Rullan and didn't notice a difference. Maybe I didn't do it enough times. So for my first laser treatment, do you recommend I have the doctor focus on just the borders to help level out the scars, and then next time treat the whole area?
  24. Remember to leave the face wash on for about 1-2 minutes in order for the salicylic acid to slough off those dead skin cells.
  25. Hello, I've been battling acne since my teens and now I'm in my 40s and still have the occasional pimple here and there but no breakout. It's all under control now based on years of testing what works and what doesn't. To know how bad my acne I was getting, I was put on accutane 3x. I think dermatologists are just money makers because acne can be controlled with OTC products 1) Benzoyl Peroxide 2%-10% (MOST IMPORTANT) - Daily every morning dab a little and spread across all of your face.
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