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  2. Should I start the regimen during this COVID time? It clearly states that when starting with the BP one should a kid skin irritation which masks cause. What should I do to prevent the irritation
  3. I too just got this done. I just thought about this this morning (microneedling after getting filler). I'm not too sure but I do know laser can sometimes vaporize the filler though it prob depends on filler/laser. Do u notice after a year that the filler has mostly dissipated? or does it look the same/you think its still there, and are worried microneedling could mess up the filler
  4. I do have subclinical hypothyroidism + hashimotos (the autoimmue component). It was around the time that I was diagnosed with hashi's and hypo when I first started noticing the little black fluffs showing up on my face pads. To my knowledge, I haven't been bitten by a tick. I also dont have the other symptoms that morgellons patients suffer from. I do have an apt on friday with my endocrinologist to discuss my thyroid (hashi's and hypothyroid). I am a bit nervous to bring up morgell
  5. Have any of you with this skin issue been bitten by a tick, have/had Lyme Disease or have hypothroidism? The CDC did a study in 2012 of people with Morgellons and found the following common underlying issues: - have Lyme disease - were exposed to a tick - have blood tests that indicate you were bitten by a tick - have hypothyroidism Current guesstimate for the cause is possibly a tick born bacteria. https://www.healthline.com/health/morgellons-disease#risk-factors
  6. Thank you both for your messages. Hollylele, you certainly are not alone with this and I appreciate you sharing your story! I know how hard it can be looking in the mirror and being unsure how to manage/get to the root of whats happening. I'm also new to this platform but have found some good information so far (helping me to rule out potential diagnosis's). So your breakouts went away for a bit and then continued to reappear over the years? I think that's what concerns me the most wi
  7. Be careful, some vitamins have been associated to acne and can negative reactions in some sensitive people.
  8. A huge part of losing weight is believing you can do it and realizing it's not going to happen overnight. What is the most challenging diet that you ever did?
  9. Do you consider it a severe case? If yes, I suggest you must see a doctor to properly address the problem.
  10. Hoping to see your progress soon. Good luck and keep us posted.
  11. What about box cars that are already shallow? And can you recommend a derm who does punch excision.
  12. Makes me think of Morgellons disease. Mentioning this to a doctor may lead to a psychiatry referral. One of the signs Morgellons patients present with is fibers emerging from the skin. Why some doctors, then, view this as psychiatric is beyond me. They're trained to think as follows: "uncommon presentations of common diseases are more common than common presentations of uncommon diseases." If you're working on a puzzle and one piece won't fit, shoving it in won't necessarily make it fi
  13. I had subcision with rullan and my swelling lasted about 10 days. If you just had it done 3 days ago there most definitely will still be swelling from the sub.
  14. Thank you for that. Very useful information. It's very interesting that you stopped with the vitamin supplements. i have like 8 different pills i'm taking so yes right now i'm the proverbial pill popper.
  15. I saw your pictures and I truly don't believe they look bad. I have very severe scarring and some minor acne. Also everyone is worthy of love, and not as many care for external appearance as you may think, and would rather spend their life with someone who makes them happy
  16. I've had 2 laser treatments and 4 full face chemical peels. 10 years later I still have my deep ice pick and boxcar scars. I'm dealing with texture issues and hyper pigmentation from the laser treatments. If I could go back and do it all over again I would have started with tca cross and punch excision. The laser and chemical peels have caused orange peel skin texture all over my face. It's better to treat individual scars first or you risk damaging healthy skin around the scars. You might want
  17. I had sub with filler. It gave improvement and I assume the filler was used as a spacer as I was not instructed to do any suctioning. There was improvement ( some over done filler but nothing as bad as the deep indents ). It’s been about a year now. Is it typical to go for a round two and how - if at all - could the filler that was used be affected ? unrelated question - is the use of microneeding good after sub with filler or can it interfere with the filler that may still be present ?
  18. Last week
  19. I would encourage you to do your own research. There are plenty of great recommendations on this sub for acne scarring, depending on the scar type, sometimes with pics. Of course, you can always just go with what your derm recommended. Good luck.
  20. Nope, no pics. I didn't get filler or punch excision. Most of my scars are rolling.
  21. Hello, I thought I would update you guys on the situation. Overall, the procedure was painless and comfortable. The after care in and of itself was fairly easy. I am waiting for the results as I just had this 3 days ago so will update u guys on that. The erbium was fairly conservative (which I am ok with as my skin isnt that bad so dont want to risk complications) so I have no scabbing but just peeling/redness. I have read online that swelling from subcision can last from 2 days all the w
  22. If a person took a one-time pill that cleared 90% of their acne in the long term, would that count as a cure?
  23. Do you have any before/after pics? What percentage improvsl would you say works for subcision+filler/punch excision
  24. Hey everyone! I’ve been suffering from painful acne for the past four years. It’s been mostly on my chin and the sides of my face. The two red spots were from huge boil like pimples from the past two weeks. I’ve tried everything under the sun. Nothing seems to help. My skin will clear up for a week and then get worse again. The pimples on my chin are horrible and have been causing me a lot of anxiety. I’m currently using just diluted Castile soap to wash my face and the ordinary moisturizer. Ple
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