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  2. Thank you! Do you happen to know how many days after my subcision i should start it?
  3. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aibeau-Blackhead-Rechargeable-Whitehead-Replaceable/dp/B07NCGJGGG/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?crid=CUTWXOOLS9B1&keywords=scar+suction&qid=1653345540&sprefix=scar+suction%2Caps%2C185&sr=8-2
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  5. Can someone link me to the cupping/suctioning device to use after subcision and when is the ideal time to start and how do i do it exactly? Will also post before after results eventually. Thank you ! also got tca cross on scars
  6. I don't know why some get 80% others get 10% to be honest, but maybe it's that my doc went deep and my icepicks healed super well and other scars don't do as well. I just don't know. My doc went as deep as that other person that took months and months to heal. So maybe some go deep others don't. Of course you don't want to go so deep that it messes with layers. I don't know to be honest. I was a stupid kid that just picked any procedure that was pumped at the time and got lucky. I honestly
  7. Daily supplements Himalaya herbals Heartcare Prostacare Immunocare Comfort cleanse Other Ashwagandha Vitamin c gummies Organic India liver kidney Dr Christopher's complete tissue and bone Diet Omnivore Staple drink Instant decaf black tea. Above is my current program. When I run out of each bottle, I won't replace it, but i will continue with the instant decaf black tea daily, and compare. Our post accutane bodies are two things...hypertensive and yin
  8. Well, I avoid retinol supplements and i have no rectal tumors. I become extremely agitated when I consume retinol supplements, cod liver oil, or whole beef liver. It's called the medicomat hunter. I got it from Amazon several years back. Pretty sure that it and cheaper medicomat models are still available on Amazon. You hook it up to your home computer, put on a headset, and it scans your entire body head to toe. The machine does an excellent job of telling you exactly what is wro
  9. Some progress pics before my 2nd session later this week. Kinda hard to get some good pics due to lighting. Kinda hard to judge whether it improved any because I moved into a new apartment the same day as my first session and the lighting where I look in the mirror is totally different than what I was used to.
  10. I just found another doc and he said I can expect a 10% improvement and repeat it in a year. It sounds like he doesnt go deep though, because I'll be on a topical numbing cream during the procedure. And his assistant said I'll be pink for several weeks, but the other users on here said they were pink for a year. @harmlessboy1441 Did your doc use the diamond dermabrasion or a wire brush?
  11. Yes fillers best for rolling scars because they dont have edges.
  12. depends on severity, scared area, size of scar, damage to hypodermis, level of fibrosis, thickness, etc. ofc, some rolling scars can be filled to almost perfection, but this is very rare
  13. I faced a similar situation and it was quite difficult for me. It is true that many people face difficulties in school, but I am sure that people are not sent trials that they can't help but cope with.
  14. I understand 100% is a big statement. I rather meant 90%. I was just wondering whether dermal fillers could fill up rolling scars.
  15. Can anyone who has myopia tell me is your scars looks better too when you put glasses on? Am i trippin'?
  16. Hello Everyone. I wanted to know if Acne.org would be the best regimen for me ? Do I have active acne ? Or is it just hyperpigmentation and scarring ? Also would this regimen help with my ice pick scars ?
  17. Does anyone know what kind of scarring I have? What I have circled particularly concerns me.
  18. So true man, I had clear skin my whole life until covid came in and we had to wear masks. I was gaining acne FAST. I did not know what to do. but i went to this dermatologist who gave me pills. it worked a ton but then it just wasnt helping as much anymore. I then got prescribed gels, they worked, but ran out. Then my mom's boyfriend gave me a cream called "dermoxido" it burned me like hell, but it helped a bit. A week and a half ago i was SO DAMN CLOSE to clear skin. But i ran out of the cream
  19. DEMODEX MITE INFESTATION! I’ve been dealing with this for almost 20 years. I think you are all dealing with possible candida/fungal issues and most probably have SIBO. You have demodex mites .. not bacterial acne or fungal acne. That’s why nothing is working. You have demodex mites due to candida and other underlying GI issues usually. But this is a demodex issue… google it. Borax solution is a godsend and so is ivermectin. Get rid of the mites and know that once you get them off of you that you
  20. Yesterday
  21. "%100" is the problem, in my opinion it is out of reach number. when it comes to scarring who says %100 in a big delusion, lets look that scars under angled lights, direct sunlight etc.
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