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Differin Adapalene (0.1%) Gel
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Brand: Differin

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Differin Adapalene (0.1%) Gel


Active Ingredients: Adapalene (0.1%). Inactive Ingredients: Carbomer 940, edetate disodium, methylparaben, poloxamer 182, propylene glycol, purified water and sodium hydroxide.

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Differin Adapalene (0.1%) Gel

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Differin Adapalene (0.1%) Gel

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Didn't do anything... :(
Reviewed on February 13, 2018

I've used it daily at night for two months. I have inflammed, red pimples that are scattered near my temples and both of my cheeks, and I dab a small amount on the affected areas. After two months, I'd have scars from pimples I got 2-3 weeks ago. Some new ones always pops up, and I can never prevent them from coming up. I can't say that the Differin did anything to my skin though--it didn't speed up the healing process, nor make my acne bad. I'm still going to keep using it, to see what will happen in maybe 6 or so months.

Not worth it
Reviewed on January 21, 2018

Works good by increasing skin turnover but has far more sideeffects rather than benefits. Still recovering from redness and bad texture of skin.

Reviewed on January 21, 2018

My daughter has very bad acne. Her doctor told us about this product. We ran out to buy it. Followed the instructions. She has a rash on her face that's so bad and hurts it made her cry. Some teenagers have esteem issues with their bad skin but to add a rash on top of it. What's a mom to do when she's crying so because her face hurts and it feels like it's on fire.

by oilybabe on 01/31/2018 03:39
This is a reaction the product itself, you probably used more than was needed. I was 15 when I started using this (17 now), and the results are incredible with long term use. Use less next time, less than a pea sized about. This isn't meant to be used on the entire face, just localized spots with acne.
by BeachGirl333 on 02/09/2018 03:19
Judging from your description, it sounds like your daughter had a chemical burn. I'm not sure if she was prescribed the .1% (the highest percentage) as is listed here, but she absolutely should not have been given such a high prescription. I completely understand your concern and unhappiness with the product, but I would suggest changing dermatologists. Again, I don't have the full story. But she should have been prescribed the lowest percentage--.01%--and given instructions to only use a dime sized amount mixed with a gentle moisturizer every other night on dry skin. I'm not sure what other products your daughter may be using, but it's also important not to use other intense products with Adapalene (no vitamin c, glycolic acid, salicylic acid).
BAD Experience with Differin
Reviewed on January 9, 2018


OBJECTIVE: Remove my acne marks.

PRICE: 30€

TREATMENT: Put Differin when you are going to sleep. Wash your face after waking up.

PROBLEMS: Extreme dry skin.

SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM: Scratching the face with your hands when you're washing it with water.

BENEFIT: No pimples.

APPLE VINEGAR do the same work and doesn't dry your face. And it's 30 times cheaper than Differin.

Send me an e-mail and I will show the photos of the progress: teerpz@[link removed]

Reviewed on January 9, 2018

No lo hagan. Tenía acné leve/moderado y al comenzar con esto empecé a tener acné quistico nodular. Espere los 3 meses pensando que era una purga y habia que ser paciente (dice que las primeras semanas puede haber exacerbación) pero cada vez peor. Me quedo el rostro lleno de manchas, acne quistico horrible :( Ahora tengo que arrancar tratamiento con accutane para ver si puedo mejorar el desastre que me dejo en la cara. No lo recomiendo para nada :(

Be Patient and Consistent!
Reviewed on December 27, 2017

I have been using Adapalene (0.1%) since the beginning of July. It has been a very SLOW AND GRADUAL Process. It is December, 2017, and I am now finally seeing and feeling the results. You must follow the directions. Apply a tiny amount, do not Slather this all over your face. I have had NO problems with drying or severe redness. I apply this every night, and I have super sensitive skin. I use a Clinique Moisturizer (yellow formula) right after I wash my face at night. Wait about 10-15 minutes, then apply the Adapalene. This will help tremendously. I am tolerating this very well, so I might request to increase it to the higher concentration if I ever go back to the Derm. You can also apply benzoyl peroxide (2.5%) with this or in the morning. If you add benzoyl peroxide to it, you have essentially created "epiduo." I occasionally apply benzoyl peroxide in the morning if I see something new. Hope this helps someone, HANG IN THERE!

Useless product
Reviewed on December 24, 2017

Been using every night for 3 months and have seen NO improvements at all. My skin in used to the product and now has no reaction to it and never irritated my skin.

Works - but give it time
Reviewed on December 15, 2017

I’m writing this as a parent of two teens who had moderate acne. Their journeys have been slightly different in terms of products tried along the way but they both eventually arrived at using Differin (available only on prescription in the UK) alongside the oral antibiotic Erythryomicin.

You have to be patient with this product and introduce very gradually and over the course of a month build it up to nightly use. Your skin with be dry and peel and the breakouts will still happen. But in our experience it takes at least 3 months before you can see a consistent improvement. The skin very gradually will improve in texture and the breakouts will lessen. When spots occur they tend to be smaller and clear quicker and the post acne red marks will gradually fade. My daughter in particular had very bad red marks from an awful prolonged breakout but 3 months have passed since she started Differin and the red marks are gradually fading, so much so she feels she doesn’t have to wear make up every day.

I would say that this product will not make you 100% clear so have realistic expectations. My son has been using this for 4 years now and still gets the odd spot or two, but to him that is a small price to pay and it doesn’t bother him at all.

For those of you who may have tried another Retinoid. My daughter used Isotrex initially (used for 3months) but found that really really harsh by comparison to Differin. She took a break for two weeks and then very gradually introduced Differin and that has suited her skin much better.

It is ok i guess..
Reviewed on November 20, 2017

Have only used on my mild hairline acne, 8 weeks now and clear with no significant initial breakout.


The improvement actually might be due to me stopping using hair products.

I can tell it works but still purging
Reviewed on November 11, 2017

I had a pretty bad breakout in July that seemed to not get better so finally in September I decided to try OTC adapalene. I’ve been using it for 2 months now and my skin has significantly improved on my nose and around the nose/inner cheek areas but my jawline, chin and forehead are breaking out endlessly. Around week 5 my skin did clear up 90% but then my period started and all hell broke loose. I’m trying to stay patient and wait out at least 3 months. At this point I’m not sure how much of the breakout is due to the purge and how much is due to my hormones possibly being wacky. I’ve read so many reviews on this product and seems like most people’s purge phase lasts 8 weeks which makes me feel discouraged. I’ll keep pushing through for at least another month.

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