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Dianette Oral Contraceptive
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Brand: Dianette

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Dianette Oral Contraceptive


Active Ingredients:
Cyproterone acetate 2 mg, ethinylestradiol 35 micrograms.

Inactive Ingredients:
Lactose, maize starch, povidone, talc, magnesium stearate, sucrose, polyethylene glycol 6000, calcium carbonate, glycerol, montan glycol wax, titanium dioxide (E171), and yellow iron oxide (E172).

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Dianette Oral Contraceptive

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Dianette Oral Contraceptive

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Not a permanent solution
Reviewed on January 6, 2016

I took dianette for 2 years and my acne cleared up but then I took a break with the advice of my GP let's just say it was a big mistake. My acne is back and worse than before. Now looking for a more permanent solution :(

by Nicola_G20 on 09/12/2016 16:19
Hi, have you changed to YASMIN? My doctor told me that once my skin is cleared by using dianette (Il be on it 1 year) she will put me on yasmin as this isnt as strong but controls the acne and stops it from coming back. If your acne has come back you should go back on dianette until it clears again then go on Yasmin. Hope this helped
Excellent treatment for adult acne!
Reviewed on November 30, 2015

I've been taking Dianette for two months now and I'm really happy with the results so far. I'm in my early thirties and have had moderate adult acne since around my mid twenties. I mainly suffered from those horrible cystic type lumps on the chin and mouth area, but recently they started spreading to my cheeks and forehead so I thought it was time to try an oral prescription!

So far it's working really well. I was down to no spots at all this week for the first time in years! Like other users below, I've found that when I do get a spot brewing, it tends to disappear quick and not manifest itself into a whitehead like before.

I'm now just waiting for the marks to fade from my previous spots, but I'm really excited to see my skin without them at all in time!

As for side effects, I've not experienced any depression/mood changes; I feel my usual, happy self.

My periods are definitely a lot lighter, particularly this month!

I've had light nausea, which I'd probably attribute to the Dianette, as it doesn't seem to be triggered by anything else.

And the most random thing..... I've gone off tea!! This is a BIG deal for me as I am an avid (even obsessive) tea fan, but since Dianette I can only stomach one cup first thing in the morning. After that, I just ain't interested!

Small sacrifice for clear skin though ;)

works great!!
Reviewed on August 22, 2015

im about to start my 4th month on this product and my skin has completely cleared up. (although I should add that it's been clear since month 2) I occasionally get one of those nasty bumps that are almost pimples..... but they never pop up!!! idk what it is but every time I get a bump or anything on my face it tends to disappear really quickly. very pleased with the results and my now clear skin :) also it's made my period lighter and easier to deal with which is a very pleasant side effect

Relatively fast results!
Reviewed on August 11, 2015

I read through some of these reviews before beginning dianette and the general theme I picked up on was that they take a while to work, with many not seeing results for a few months. This can obviously be a little disheartening to many newly prescribed, hence why I wanted to report my own experience so far!

I've been taking dianette for just over two weeks now (so still on my first packet) and I've generally noticed such a huge difference. My skin isn't perfect, but so much better than what it was! The cystic acne I experienced around my jawline and cheeks has almost completely disappeared (100% clear jawline, 90% clear cheeks). The very few cystic acne spots I experience on my cheeks are fast to heal and are often gone within two days. Other small average pimples have vanished completely and redness has decreased massively! ( - not sure how dianette may have caused this though..). Basically my skin is almost entirely clear with only one or two small cyst type spots at a time that are easily concealed due to reduced redness and inflammation I've also experienced.

My acne history (for anyone with perhaps a similar case!) -

acne began at 16 and gradually got worse, cystic acne beginning at 19, peak severity was about three months ago (now 22), at its worse my entire face was red and inflamed and even sore to touch, not at all coverable with makeup.

face has never been particularly oily/ greasy and prescription creams have always been far too harsh, drying out my skin and worsening redness.

Clearisil brand worsens my acne

big issues with red angry skin associated with acne including purplish scarring in the past

microgynon made my cystic acne 10 X worse, hence switched to dianette.

My main point is that hormone based remedies like dianette will work differently for EVERYONE, I was so pleasantly surprised with my own experience I wanted to write this as an example that you shouldn't be put off by other people's experiences, just as you shouldn't buy into it too much. It really is trial and error.

Final note - the only other side effects I've experienced are on and off nausea particularly late day and evening and especially if I drink alcohol. One drink results in pretty intense nausea about two hours later. Not a big deal for me though as not a big drinker! :)

Final, final note (I promise!) - in case people who haven't been prescribed dianette are looking through these reviews as a potential remedy; here are some things I've personally found very effective and have used/done for many years to help keep my acne under control (may be worth a try if you have a similar acne profile to myself)

clean and clear oil free moisturiser, doesn't do much for cystic acne but helps keep other pimple types at bay and improves overall quality of skin which makes a MUCH bigger difference than you'd think. It has a nice cold tingly feeling and contains sacylic acid which helps dissolve sebum clog pores.

freederm treatment gel - a little pricey for such a small tube but is good for treating cystic acne without aggrevating it. The only topical treatment I'll use on my cystic acne.

cardio exercise (lame and mundane remedy I know!) but after a run - makeup free - I find the sweat and heat helps dry out spots without being too harsh and over time (daily runs for a week at least) the increase in blood circulation speeds up healing of spots.

sun beds (yes dangerous and does increase risk of skin cancer!! So try to avoid doing this!) but this also drys out my pimples and speeds up the recovery of cystic acne.

I use a multitude of face masks (acne/clear skin orientated) and I find that steaming your face beforehand amplifies how effective they can be, due to opening up pores.

^^^^ I've stopped/kept to a minimum all these other remedies above whilst taking dianette just to accurately take note what it's doing to my skin and it's still looking the best it has in a long time despite not doing these!

Remember this is my personal experience, I'm not saying it'll be the same for you, but perhaps maybe worth a try if you have a similar acne profile/history as I described above.

Wasn't for me
Reviewed on August 4, 2015

Works for some people but I came off this within two and a half weeks of taking it. After the first week I began feeling very low and just mentally unwell. It was a hard feeling to explain but depression is often hard to describe. I stuck with it for a further week and a half but I couldn't take the depression any longer. I gave it a go and it didn't work but that doesn't mean it won't work for other people. I had suffered from depression in my teenage years and depression does run in my family so maybe I am more prone to feeling like this. Who knows? But I knew pretty quickly it wasn't for me.

Worth it
Reviewed on July 15, 2015

I wrote a review for dianette on this site a long time ago and feel compelled to write another because I think it might be helpful for some people if I shared my mixed experience of it.

Firstly, I've suffered with acne since I was about 12. It's ranged from mild to severe and I've tried almost every treatment you can think of to try to remedy it bar accutane. The only thing that has worked long term has been the pill. The only types of pill that have worked have been dianette and (to a lesser degree) Yasmin.

I've been on dianette three times previously. The first time I didn't notice a huge amount of side effects but it got rid of the acne very effectively. The second and third times were incredibly difficult for the first four or five months. I grew very very depressed, very angry, my libido plummeted, and I became very bloated. Perhaps worst of all though, my skin experienced horrendous initial breakouts, much much worse than it had been before I went on the pill. And it's that side effect in particular that made me very wary of trying dianette again after I had a break from it even though it cleared up my skin beautifully.

About two years ago I decided that I wanted to come off the pill altogether. I had been on Yasmin, my skin was very clear and I thought that maybe if I came off it, it would stay clear. Within about a month though my face was breaking out, and the acne got very bad again. My period also stopped for a few months and a scan revealed that I had PCOS. I was recommended going back on the pill to deal with the side effects of the condition (acne, thinning hair, and irregular periods) but I was so worried about that awful initial few months that I couldn't face it.

I perserved for another year or so, and my skin just kept getting worse and my confidence was being destroyed by it. I didn't want to leave my house. At work I couldn't look anyone in the eye. It was horrible. So in the end I caved - I just thought, whatever side effect I have to deal with nothing can be worse than feeling like this every day.

And the strangest thing was - no initial breakout. My skin just cleared up, very quickly. I should say at this point that I coupled taking it for the first three weeks with oral antibiotics, which I think may have really helped, and used topical antibiotics on my face at night. But seriously, the horrible, painful breakout I'd been so afraid of didn't materialise and two months in, my skin is almost completely clear.

I'm sorry for the very long post but I really wanted to share it with anyone who might be considering going back on dianette or trying it for the first time but feeling worried about the side effects. I'm not sure why they haven't effected me this time around but I think it's worth saying. And if you're struggling just give it a go, because life really is too short.

Amazing... until you come off it.
Reviewed on July 14, 2015

Was on this for 3 years from the age of 16 to 19, I had no side effects of what I was aware of and it cleared up my skin compeltely. Also made me less oily. I gained weight whilst on this but I'm not sure whether it was due to this or puberty. I did also experience bloating but the difference in my skin made up for it.

However, I've been off it for a few months and it's came back worse than before. Maybe this is due to how long I was on it, I'm not sure, either way I don't think you should be on this for as long as I was - I sort of forgot about the health risks as I was never reminded about them whilst on it. I don't think I should have been on it that long, especially given my family history of breast cancer.

Overall, I would recommend taking this but realise that this isn't going to fix the problem forever and you will have to come off it eventually.

by Nicola_G20 on 09/12/2016 16:32
Hi, have you changed to YASMIN? My doctor told me that once my skin is cleared by using dianette (Il be on it 1 year) she will put me on yasmin as this isnt as strong but controls the acne and stops it from coming back. If your acne has come back you should go back on dianette until it clears again then go on Yasmin. Hope this helped
Good and the bad
Reviewed on July 11, 2015

Unfortunately for everyone out there desperate to cure this acne with this, you've gotta be patient. It takes a good few months to kick in, but for the first 3 months my skins was still bad. Maybe 3-6 months it was bad but not as bad, 6-9 months it was a lotttttt better and 9-12 months it was good. Never really perfect for more than a few days, but a great break for a year. So I would recommend it! Definitely! I had some great months of skin on this pill. But... i've been off it 4 days and onto Yasmin and my acne is back in full force :( even though I was convinced this would keep my skin good

Onto the next thing... :(

Reviewed on May 13, 2015

I was out of pills Dec2014 and come Feb2015, I started to have acnes. I have never had any acne problems before.. I've always had that 'porcelain' skin every girl dreams of so having them makes me feel so down and depressed because I don't know how to deal with it. After 2 weeks, they're all over my face and ofcourse I started freakin out. So I bought Dianette and guess what! MARCH and APRIL were the worst monthe ever. Everyday I wake up with 2-3 NEW CYSTIC acnes on my cheeks and forehead! I felt so depressed and started reading reviews here. And everyone said just be patient cause it takes 3-4 months before it does its magic and YES! On my 3rd pack, acne stopped showing on my face! I'm now back to having the smooth skin I've always had though I still have those nasty marks (ANYONE RECOMMENDS A GOOD ACNE SCAR REMOVAL REMEDY OR PRODUCT?) it's already been 2 weeks and I havent had any single acne on my skin! Yeehhhheeey!

So girls, JUST BE PATIENT. It does wonders. ;)

by pinkpetals on 09/06/2015 09:29
Hi hun, have you heard of tropic skincare? They do a product called tamanu balm that helped heal my acne scars it's the best thing I've used and it's antibacterial :)
Reviewed on May 11, 2015

Took these for contraception and GOT ACNE !!!! SERIOUS DEPRESSION ON THIS PILL !!!

Came straight off them and my skin became healthy again but do not take unless your willing to persist with getting a lot worse skin for months before you see improvement !!!

by Sineady on 07/12/2015 20:05
Hi, I've been on Dianette for 4 months now & yes it has cleared up my skin but omg I've never felt so low & depressed, I stop taking it a week a go and I feel a tad better but I'm just wondering how long it takes before the side effects wear off? I'll never take it again! I cant get a doctors appointment for two weeks either so I'm just looking at all the reviews lol