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Desogen Oral Contraceptive
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CLEAR SKIN, prevention of pregnancy This pill presents a higher risk for blood clots than other birth control pills. I had really bad cystic acne along my chin. I always had pimples, never a day that my face was clear. People thought I had boils! Absolutely nothing cured it. Then I got on desogen. I have had about all of the generics, apri, reclipsen, ortho-cept. All worked amazingly at clearing my skin. Not a single pimple, even if I skip washing my face for a few days lol. It has really changed my life! If your acne is hormonal, this pill will probably help.

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Cleared the cysts Ortho Tri-cyclen gave me. My skin is overall clearer NOT PREGNANT! WHoooo! (This is honestly the MOST IMPORTANT) Didn't gain weight. (Yes, for me this is a con) Boobs aren't bigger :( Only one or two headaches Still get maybe one or two tiny spots a month The best things about this pill are obviously that I'm not pregnant and my skin is clearer. I've only gotten a few headaches, but they become less and less frequent each month. (I'm on my third pack) Give it a try, especially if tri-phasic pills don't work for you. P.S. You save money if you buy 3months worth at a time.



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