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Clearzine Acne Solution Supplements
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Didn't work, at least not for me

I've done The Regimen for years and have had great success with it. However, as we know rubbing stuff on your face numerous times a day every day is at times an annoying task and when I first read of Clearzine I was excited. Taking a few pills is a lot more handy and most reviews are great. So I decided to experiment and went off The Regimen and onto Clearzine. I didn't work out for me. The first two weeks were great and I thought the product a success, but then I had a prolonged outbreak the likes of which I had not experienced in years. I thought to touch is out and have faith in Clearzine cleaning things up but the problem only increased. At that point it simply said, "F--- it!" I went back on The Regimen, off the Clearzine, and within a week and a half things were clearing up again and getting back to how I like them. Now, this is just my experience. I know that Clearzine has lots of great reviews and maybe I'm just a statistical anomaly. And I realize that all sorts of other variables might have been affected my face and this could just be faulty causation. But all that duly noted, I find Dan's Regimen to be a better performing product.


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Works wonderfully!

I completely second the other review on here - clearzine is wonderful stuff, I 100% give it 5 stars! I've search for 15+ years for a solution to my acne - this is it...! I still use Dan's regimen and always will, but this sorts your problem from the outside in!

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If you're taking Clearzine while using Dan's regimen, how do you know which one is working?
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Thank goodness for this stuff!

Decreases cystic acne Decreases redness Expensive I absolutely love clearzine! After about 2 weeks I really started seeing a difference in my face. I've been struggling with acne for years and have tried it all, OTC stuff is obviously a joke, prescription topicals dried my face out to miserable levels, and I even paid thousands of dollars for laser treatments which kept me 80% clear for a year but when it came be it came back hard with terrible cystic areas which I never had before. Now with clearzine all the cystic acne is gone and I only have to deal with little blemishes here and there. It's definitely pricey, a bottle of 60 lasts 10 days if you take 6 a day (which I recommend sticking to and that's what the directions on the bottle say), but worth it! Especially since I'm getting married next year and my acne is not invited!

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