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ClearFace AC Natural Acne Supplement
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I have to say I'm still amazed that this product worked so well. I've had moderate to severe acne since puberty. The standard arsenal of topicals -- Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid -- did jack squat. I would wash and wash to no avail. Pimples would come and didn't seem to leave any quicker if I was using Proactiv,, or whatever. I tried a host of other exotic things over the years -- apple cider vinegar, toothpaste, sulphur washes and masks. Tried a bunch of different dietary interventions, too. So after a lifetime of failed attempts to keep the acne at bay, I didn't expect much when I ordered this, but figured I'd take a gamble. And wow! This stuff is absolutely incredible. My acne cysts and pimples have cleared COMPLETELY. I saw incremental improvement from the 1st week. But it took about 4 weeks for full improvement from my awful initial state. I knew for certain this stuff was effective when I started to breakout after I ran out of my first bottle. But I'm now several bottles in and I've had ZERO outbreaks since taking it consistently. Which for someone who has basically had acne every day of their lives adult lives 20+ years is just astounding.

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Are you still taking this supplement? I have mild acne. I have a few underground type spots that don't go away. Did this shrink any spots like that for you? I've thought about ordering it myself but haven't seen a lot of reviews on the product.
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