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Clearetto Acne Supplement
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Brand: Clearetto

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Clearetto Acne Supplement


Saw Palmetto Berry Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin A (as Beta-beta-carotene), Vitamin D (as Cholecalciferol), Vitamin E (as DL-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate), Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCI), Folic Acid, Zinc (as Zinc Oxide), Copper (as Cupric Oxide).

Other Ingredients: Gelatin Capsule

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Clearetto Acne Supplement

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Clearetto Acne Supplement

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Clearetto Customer Service
Reviewed on August 17, 2017

I just called about the guarantee refund displayed on the website, told the customer service rep about my previous return and she refunded my for this month's shipment. Refund take 5 to 7 business days. So helpful!!

Add to the regime
Reviewed on May 3, 2017

I wouldn't say it single handidly has cured my acne but I think it definitely helps. If i stop using for a week or so my pimples become more red I noticed and my face feels oiler. So I'll def continue to use. I can't speak to the trial offer , I bought 2 bottles straight from the site at retail but there was a guarentee offered.

Don't Fall for CLEARETTO scam !!
Reviewed on January 29, 2017

Clearetto is a SCAM!!

I got a "FREE trial" and they have an AUTOMATIC subscription, so if u don't cancel it they will keep getting money from ur account.. I DID CANCEL IT and when I checked my bank account, they had charged me 120$ !!!!

Of course I called, they said they charged me for what was supposed to be the "FREE trial" and for the cancelation CHARGES... the lady I spoke to first said they could refund me 15% of the 120$ and I kept saying NO I WANT MY MONEY! After fighting her for nearly 40 mins she said ok my FULL 100% refund was approved and I would receive a CONFIRMATION email.. after not receiving the email I called again to JUST check on the EMAIL STATUS.. and they said BTW UR ONLY GETTING A REFUN OF 15%.... I fought and asked to speak to a supervisor but NOTHING... so now for what was supposed to be a "FREE TRIAL" I ended up paying 120$ and I'm only gettin 15% refunded :'( and for the record CLEARETTO DOES NOTTTT even work for acne... even on small letters u can read it says "clearetto is not designed to cure NOR treat any skin problems" and it also says "it has NEVER been tested" ... so .... if it's not designed to cure any skin problems how was it supposed to "cure" my acne? THIS REALLY SUCKS


Inside out
Reviewed on January 20, 2016

I started taking cleareto Wednesday with a face full of spots. And by Sunday I noticed some fading. I was so pumped because I got tired of my face being downgraded because of spots! Im African American but very light skinned. As far as curing acne I'm not so sure because its too soon I still break out but my bumps are tiny not even noticeable, they may be old ones I had before taking cleareto. I used differin and benzol peroxide and it burned my face I'm still red from it but my spots are starting to blend in with my skin. I think! I dont know if its the vitamin c I take every day. Regardless of the fact start from the inside then out

glad I tried this.
Reviewed on February 25, 2015

I've been on it for 2 weeks, and I've seen quite the improvement. I've also been using proactive refining mask, for which I think the combination has been very effective. Just a couple little ones, and they seem to go away within a couple of days. I would totally recommend the refining mask too. I had read so many good reviews so I'm glad I gave it a try!!

Acne caused by high testosterone gone with Clearetto
Reviewed on January 18, 2015

My daughter had suffered from acne since the age of 13. It was minor from 13 to 18, but after that it got worse.  I bought the first bottle of Clearetto for my daughter in July 2014 and after 3 to 4 weeks on Clearetto she was completely clear. Clearetto is worth it! Her dermatologist told us that he thought her acne may have been caused by too much testosterone! However, the prescriptions he gave her (differin gel, plexion, locoid cream and oral antibiotics) did absolutely nothing for her acne. She now washes her face with a gentle over-the-counter cleanser twice per day and only take two clearetto pills per day and she is acne free. Thank You Clearetto!

Reviewed on October 13, 2014

Sweet baby Jesus thank you. This supplement has saved my skin. I was squeezing burning lemon juice on my face less than a month ago. No more!!

Redness fades
Reviewed on September 9, 2014

I had bad irritation from acne meds and clearetto was the only thing that gave me relief. I took 2 caps 2x a day and could almost watch the redness fade. I'm also using it for my preexisting red marks and they look lighter and smoother. When your skin is irritated, it becomes vitamin deficient. The antioxidants in clearetto help prevent scarring.

definitely helping
Reviewed on August 28, 2014

OK so I've been using this for about 2 months now and I think its working. I take the max 4 pills. Im not getting as much acne for sure. Took about a month to start seeing less acne. Will keep taking and update later

worked for me
Reviewed on May 16, 2014

I have taken clearetto now for 2 months now, and so far so good. Out of nowhere i started breaking out and never really considered acne as a major problem for me, so i didn't know what product to turn to. My friend recommended this product so i did minimal research on the it and just took his word for it since it worked for him, kinda risky but luckily it worked out. I briefly checked out the site, seemed legit, definitely pricey though. I think i am going through whats called "adult acne," and my friend said this would be good for me because its easy, just some pills, no cream or gels. customer service team was nice too, i had a couple of questions and tried calling the hot line they have on the bottle, and surprisingly they got right back to me and were very helpful. The gentleman who helped me was very knowledgeable and clarified my question. recommend it for sure. #adultacnefix

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