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Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Cleanser
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Brand: Clean & Clear

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Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Cleanser


Active Ingredient:
Salicylic Acid (0. 5%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Water, SD Alcohol 40-B, PPG-14 Butyl Ether, PPG-5-Ceteth-20, Glycerin, Eucalyptus Oil, Benzoic Acid, Camphor, Peppermint Oil, Clove Oil, Benzophenone-4, D&C Orange No. 4, D&C Yellow No. 10.

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Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Cleanser

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Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Cleanser (5 fl oz)
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Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Cleanser

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Anonymous, New Jersey
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Aly, Australia
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Reviewed on February 7, 2012

I have been using this product for a year and my skin is as clear as it has ever been. A lot of other similar products didn't work for me because they were either too strong and left my fair skin with blotchy red patches. I recommend only using it every few days and remember to only use a small amount.

My thirteen year old sister is starting to get pimples on her t-zone. I let her borrow this product and within the next day her skin was clear again. Definitely works for us!

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Anonymous, Aus, Syd
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Reviewed on January 28, 2012

I had moderate acne, and I kept breaking out. I tried this, and that and it didn't really help. I mean, it got rid of the pimples but they returned once again. One day, I stumbled upon this product during my quest on finding a good cleanser for my face since it was a complete war-zone during that particular week. I was hesitant, but decided to buy it anyways since I was that desperate. Long story short, it worked! Of course, the results didn't go BAM. It took a while. You'll probably notice results in a few weeks maybe? Didn't really keep track, but it worked for me! However, everyone is different. Don't think that this produce will instantly work for you since it worked for me. There's a possibility that using this will only make your acne worse. I think Benzoyl peroxide just worked for my face. Oh, and this lasted me for a month I think? So, it's totally worth a try if you think your face doesn't really work with gentler chemicals. I don't use this anymore because it totally got rid of all my acne. Of course, I still stumble on one from time to time but not anything drastic. I use whatever cleanser now, since this ran out on me and I never had moderate acne ever. I also partnered this up with Clean & Clear's moisturizer which is my favourite moisturizer along with aveeno's moisturizer. Let me just say, Aveeno's moisturizer got rid of the dryness. But, that's a whole different story.

TL;DR? This definitely worked for me. Now, I just have to deal with the marks.

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Sarah, NC
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Reviewed on January 28, 2012

I used this ONCE and my face feels A LOT better. I plan to use this for a long time. It was my last step before visiting a dermatologist. It stings when you use the spot treatment, but dampen it with a wet washclosh and it feels better right away. I bought it in the package with the cleanser, moisturizer, and spot treatment and used it for the first time today. I felt great, looked great, and it gave my skin a more even tone (It either made my acne more pale, or my face more red, but either way, I looked better :D) I feel so good, all of the sudden. I am going out with friends that I haven't seen in a long time in two days, and I hope that my bad spots will be gone by then. So far, I see great results.

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Anonymous, UK
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Reviewed on December 14, 2011

Bought this product last week. After 1 day it seemed like it was working but then after a few more days the skin was extremely dry and peeling. More blemishes came in areas that there were none before. It is so bad that this morning I made an appointment for a dermatologist. Definitely do not recommend this product.

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Tiara, Washington, Illinois
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Reviewed on December 1, 2011

I first used the product before I performed in a show, I had quite a few pimples on my face and I wanted them gone quickly. Disregarding the warning that said to not use very often if you have dry skin, I used it several times in a day. I noticed my skin peeling after the play I was in (thank goodness) So if you have dry skin, I recommend using this product lightly. Whenever I use the spot treatment, it peels away the skin where the pimple was and looks awful. It also creates scarring. Other than that, it makes my face clear within a couple days!

Reviewed on October 7, 2011

I bought the little kit with a small bottle of moisturizer and the spot treatment and it worked a little bit, but not significantly. I wouldn't use it again, it just didn't work.

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Anonymous, Westchester, NY
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Reviewed on September 25, 2011

I do recommend this product, and I don't.

If you have versatile skin and you don't get reactions to anything, then this product will work for you.

If you have sensitive and/or very dry skin, i do not recommend this product. Your face will get a reaction.

ALSO, USE THIS PRODUCT *ONLY* IF YOUR ACNE IS FROM MODERATE TO SEVERE. If you have light to very light acne, please use a gentle cleanser, like Neutrogena's fresh foaming cleanser. I find that works well with light acne :)

so. This isn't the greatest clean and clear product for the general acne suffering public, but it will deliver results to certain people.

whether you try this wash is up to you, but remember: normal-oily skin, yes. dry-sensitive skin, No.

good luck!

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Anonymous, Clermont, FL
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Reviewed on September 22, 2011

This product is great! About 2 weeks ago I switched from ProActiv and so far it has worked miracles! My face isn't completely clear yet but it's definitely getting there. It's really cheap and because of it's great acne bacteria killing ingredients it workes amazing. My face is really oily but this product controls it perfectly. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.