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Clarisonic Facial Cleansing System
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Brand: Clarisonic

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Clarisonic Facial Cleansing System


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Clarisonic Facial Cleansing System

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Clarisonic Facial Cleansing System

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Love it, it worked for me
Reviewed on January 16, 2017

A year ago I was desperately looking as I do all the time, for a new "cure" for my hormonal acne. I read all the reviews about the Clarisonic on here. For half of the people it worked wonders and for the other half it created hell. I had nothing to lose. I have had hormonal acne for 12 years. I am 36. My acne is on my neck, chin and jaw line. I have tried EVERYTHING but Accutane. Nothing worked well. Thank God for great make up otherwise I would be very depressed by now.

Before the Clarisonic I would wash my make up off with a Salycilyc Acid face wash. After washing I would wipe my face on a towel and there were still traces of make up on it. Nasty.

With the Clarisonic my face is more clear than ever. It tonned down my acne to the point of feeling ok without makeup on sometimes. Nothing else had ever worked this well. I buy the specific acne heads. I started by washing with it once a week and the first time, my face was very dry and irritated. I didn't give up and just stayed with it. Little by little I started doing it every other day and now every night before bed. It takes away my makeup like nothing else did. I still use it with a Salycilyc Acid 0.5%. It is drying sometimes and because of that I alternate between that and a much more gentle face wash. I also make sure to put a nice hydrating serum (Estee Lauder night repair)on before bed. I can't live without my Clarisonic. I think it cleans the pores really well and it delivers the medicated wash much deeper and that is why I can say my acne is under control now. Try it, like most of us, you have nothing to lose at this point. Like every other regimen you have to stick with it for a few months to see what it can do for you. I think that I could see great results within a month. Since I bough it because of the reviews I saw here I thought it would be fair to give my feedback as well. Good luck!

Clarisonic Mia
Reviewed on February 1, 2014

I heard lots of mixed reviews prior to purchasing this item. I immediately started using the deep cleansing brush. Unike some people I have not broke out from using it once a night. If you are looking for an acne solution this is not it, however; it will deep clean and leave your skin feeling noticeably softer.

Reviewed on January 8, 2010

Ok. So i spent $250 on this machine that i bought at sephora. I bought it at the end of October. In late November I started to break out. First one pimple in the nose, then near my nose and on my bottom chin. I stopped using it ever since. I talked to my dermatologist and she said to use clarsonic once a month not twice a day as i have been doing. My original dermatologist told me specifically that people who suffer from moderate to severe or even light pimples should never EVER use bristles, scrubs, facials or anything of the sort because it worsens the condition and causes scars and so forth. I should have listened to her. But stupid me....I wanted to have a gorgeous face like stupid Megan Fox who has no zits what so ever. Clarsonic worked well for a month with the cleansers that it came with as well. I used all the cleansers it came with: for oily skin, light skin, and dry skin. It worked awesome. My pores diminished, all in all I looked different. But after a month or even half a month...breakouts started to occur. I do not like breaking out. I hate it. I detest it. So i recommend for people who suffer from acne like me to stop using clarsonic twice a day. That is too much. You are irritating your skin. Use it at least once a month. Twice a day is too much. Do not listen to commercials either. I am back on my regimen. Seriously people, the only way I stopped from my acne is with my dermatologist's help. Dermatologists know better. Go to your physician and ask for one.

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Jamie, temecula
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Reviewed on July 18, 2009

Get one!

I have used this since Jan and it really helped with old scars and keeping my pores clean.

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Reviewed on August 26, 2008

get it if you have oily face.... doesn't work as well for dry/combo skin

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