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Clarisonic Cleansing Brush
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Brand: Clarisonic

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Clarisonic Cleansing Brush


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Clarisonic Cleansing Brush

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Clarisonic Cleansing Brush

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For an occasional extra clean
Reviewed on October 13, 2017

I like my Clarisonic Plus for occasional cleansing at night before I use a topical overnight acne treatment. What I like about it is the mild exfoliating action inherent in using the device. I’m wary of using most physical exfoliants/scrubs if I have any active pimples (which is often), but the Clarisonic brush head doesn’t irritate any existing acne nor cause any new pimples. On the other hand, I’m not sure that using the brush has made much of a dent in my breakouts, but it’s hard to tell what product is doing what when I use more then one at the same time.

Worst thing I've done for my skin
Reviewed on June 13, 2017

At the beginning I loved how it cleaned off any remaining make up. However it quickly brought everything to head (which I thought was a good thing) until I started getting huge cystic pimples (never had before) in areas not prone to break out. Within a week I had the worst skin I've ever had in my life.

Once I worked out it was the clarisonic causing it and not the new cleansers I was using I stopped immediately. My skin was still sore and breaking out two weeks later

I will say soberlene helped with the huge irratated areas.

I was told to only use the brush every other day and with a sensitive brush head but I didn't see the point of pointing in so much effort for a tool that caused me so much harm.

I'm happy for those that it works for. But people should know it's not for everyone.

Great for thicker, oily skin
Reviewed on March 30, 2017

I bought the brush after hearing so many good things about it. I have acne-prone skin with breakouts and clogged pores and my skin is more of a combination type that can get too dry and flaky if I use harsh products. I had huge hopes for the brush!

I started using it two times a week at first, then every other day just following the general guidelines. My skin felt really - really - clean after using the brush! But after using it would get really irritated and my sebum glands started producing really much oil. I thought, all right, I probably need the sensitive brush head. I bought that and tried again. Unfortunately it didn't help at all. Then I tried the cashmere brush head and it still gave my skin irritation and aggravated my acne even more! You would say, that I needed to clean the brushes better - no one has been more religious about cleansing the brush heads than I was! So, finally, I gave up. Clarisonic learned me that my skin is of a sensitive type and I need to treat it so gently as possible. Now I only use hands when cleansing my skin.

I guess this brush would be a great exfoliating machine for those who don't have sensitive skin. Otherwise - not worth it!

Terrible Customer Service
Reviewed on January 23, 2017

Purchased the Plus just over 2 years ago. Right around the 2 year mark, the timer stopped working as did the outerbrush stop spinning. Didn't get around to contacting customer service for a couple of months though. However, when I did, they advised they would look into it and let me know if they would honour the warranty as "they are a company that backs there product". I was told that they would get back to me after they contacted management. 3 representatives later and still no answer. Request for a phone call from management, and still waiting on that as well (now about a month and a half)!! A lot of money for a product that stops working after 2 years and no company backing!!!

Waste Of Money
Reviewed on December 19, 2016

I have owned a Clarisonic for over a year, and my verdict is that it was a waste of money. It has made a minimal improvement to my skin, and the ongoing maintenance (cleaning & replacing brushes) is extremely tedious. I recently bought a Foreo Luna for Men and saw instant results, plus there is zero ongoing maintenance required. Don't bother with the Clarisonic when there are better alternatives available.

I'm in love with this product
Reviewed on January 3, 2016

For a while I've been meaning to write a review for the Clarisonic. About two years ago my sister got the Mia 2 for her birthday, she has horrible issues with acne. It seemed to be working for her and I really wanted to try it out. So she let me borrow it; I bought my own Clarisonic brush, the "delicate skin one" becuase my skin is very thin and pale and I was worried it might leave reddness on my face. I loved it! I was using it more than she was. I will say, I wasn't really using the second speed on the brush, I didn't really see a reason for it, and it was too vicous for my skin. Eventually, my mom got on board with the whole idea, and was able to find a Claisonic on sale. She got one for me and one for her, the Mia 1 just the one speed model. I'm loving it, and I've found the gentler speed on the original allows me to use different brush heads, the Mia 2 was just too powerful for me I guess. This may not be what one might call a "miracle product" becuase you won't see changes overnight, but over a two week period, I've noticed less blackheads and keratin deposits on my nose. My skin has also become a lot softer and even. Yes, this product is pretty pricey but if your a money saving guru like my mom you might be able to find it for a reasonable price. She got ours on black friday for $50 dollars a piece at an outlet mall. Which is an insanely good deal! I think when she got my sister's it was only $85. If you're on a budget look out for those price drops, cause you can get lucky. All in all, I highly suggest this product, it's worked well for me and my family, it may be pricey but, it's worth it.

Not a miracle, but makes your sling bright and smooth
Reviewed on August 13, 2015

I really like my Mia 2 clarisonic. I haven't really noticed a difference with my cystic acne but it totally gets rid of my blackheads and leaves my skin flake free! I think it's worth it!

by ryuukicho on 12/10/2015 03:08
I have the same problem. My tip you can try is to put honey over your cystic acne. It works very well for me, I hope it works for you. oh and drink lots of water :)
by Tiffalip on 02/17/2016 02:59
I just wanted to say i had major issues w cystic acne the last two years (its leveling out now) but after tons of reading and evaluating my life, stress got the best if me. It recked havic on my face, my skin is now very different, even looser like it stripped collogen. I also lost a ton of hair, and was overwhelmed and upset too easily. Not sure if this resonates w u...Anyhow, what has helped me more than anything has been reading Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth, to get my mind straight, meditating to find my center, drinking lots of herbal tea, and finding out abt and heavily researching Candida. If u notice any white on your tongue, then probably the stress nocked your hormones off, because of too much cortisol in your system, and now you have to work towards purging the toxins. It will get better...but u have to actively remove stress from your life to begin w. Whatever u do...be VERY careful abt messing w cystic acne...it will leave a mark. I wish u the best!
Reviewed on July 30, 2015

I have been using this product for about one and a half years now and i have seen no improvement for my acne. However, it helps clear the skin although i recommend using a cleanser with this product so that you do not dry out your face. If you dry out your face your brain thinks it needs to produce more oil so use a moisturizer about once every day even if you have really oily skin. I use Cerave AM but that is kind of expensive but i'm sure other moisturizers would work with this product. Hope this helps:)

Reviewed on June 14, 2015

The clarisonic made my acne 10x worse and actually tore my skin. I only used it once a day and I even used the softest brush head they offer. I stopped use and bought the Clinique sonic brush and my skin has never looked better and I have NO breakout. It is gentle enough to use twice a day from the start. I would recommend the Clinique sonic brush over the clarisonic any day especially if you struggle with breakouts like myself. Bye bye acne!!!

Excellent investment for your skin!
Reviewed on May 25, 2015

I purchased my Clarisonic Plus back in June 2010. Almost 5 years later, it's still going strong, and I can't imagine not having it in my skin care regimen! I purchased the Plus because it also comes with a body brush (which I hardly use, but I figured it's good to have in case I'd want to use it sometimes). There are different brush heads for the face. I've found that Normal is too harsh, but Sensitive is good. I've also used Deep Pore and Acne, and they both work fine. Granted, for the past few years, I've stopped buying the Clarisonic brand heads and purchased generic ones from eBay for a rather low price, but they have done the job for me.

I have used the Clarisonic with various cleansers. It's best to use it with something that is not too strong. Currently, I have been using it with Simple gel cleanser. It takes 60 seconds total to use all over the face: 20 seconds each on the forehead and nose/chin area, and 10 seconds on each cheek. There are three settings: low, medium, and high. I prefer the medium setting for everyday use, since I wear face makeup daily. Sometimes I'll skip using the Clarisonic for a day or two if I haven't worn any makeup, but in that time, I find that my skin feels much less smooth, and I see a lot more sebaceous filaments on my nose.

I would definitely recommending NOT storing this in the shower. I used to, and one day I changed the brush head and found that there was an abundance of black mold underneath! It was quite a process cleaning it out. I tried using different tools (cotton swab, old mascara spoolie) and cleaners (rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide) to get rid of the mold, but I finally got it clean inside. Now I always store my Clarisonic outside of my shower, wipe both the brush head and the cap clean after each use, and remove the brush head while the device is not in use.

I'm really not sure if the Clarisonic has really helped with my acne as far as existing pimples, but the gentle daily exfoliation I'm sure is a great factor in preventing it. Also, if you get the Plus, like I said, it comes with a body brush in addition to the face brush. In fact, I just checked the website right now and apparently they now sell two attachments for the feet as well, making the Clarisonic Plus an even better deal!

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