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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
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Brand: Cetaphil

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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser


Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Stearyl Alcohol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben.

Items marked with orange can be irritating and over-drying, especially to acne-prone skin.

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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

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Reviewed on November 1, 2017

I've been using this for a few days.

At first I was surprised by the texture, it's quite watery and doesn't foam up.

My skin is acne prone and combination, it's quite moisturising, no dryness, no oiliness. Leaves the skin feeling clean.

After a couple of days using this, my skin started feeling VERY SOFT. I haven't broken out so far.

I would recommend this for all skin types!

Cetaphil gentle cleanser review
Reviewed on October 26, 2017

I have been using this product for more than 6 months. My type of skin was oily and prone to get whiteheads. Since i work in a hospital environment i tend to touch my face alot unconciously.

Initially it felt weird to use this without water to wash my face. Then wash it with cold water. Pat dry my face and apply cetaphil lotion (pea size amount coz i realised the formula is thick) massage to face

After doing this rotine for a while my face improved alot. Not much breakout only one or 2. Pore on my nose got smaller. I am happy with both products i use. And will keep on useing this rotine fir a very long time☺️

so far so good
Reviewed on October 23, 2017

i have been using this for two days and it has already cleared up most pimples i have.

it feels great and i love that its fragrance free as my skin is quite sensitive.

(i use it twice a day, applying warm water to my face first, then massaging in the cleanser for about 2-5 minutes, and then i wash it off with cold water before patting my face dry with a towel)

i will be sure to update if i see any changes!

So gentle for acneic skin
Reviewed on October 13, 2017

I find this a lovely cleanser for my face. It doesn’t dry out my skin like so many face washes do and it even leaves my skin feeling a bit moisturized while using certain drying acne treatments. Inexpensive, easy to find, and effective.

Broke me out very slowly
Reviewed on September 28, 2017

I absolutely love the Cetaphil moisturizer, it works well with my very sensitive skin that is coping with a still unknown allergy or ailment as I used Elidel topical before a next derm visit. So, I would naturally try to switch to this cleanser as well thinking it would benefit me in the long run.


In the beginning, I liked the scent as it smelled like potent hard candy. It really was gentle on my skin--non foaming and it glided smoothly as I washed. I didn't feel a lot of oils strip away so I was happy about that. I felt moisturized.

All was good until more weeks passed by. I thought it was just my hormones acting up, but I noticed I slowly had more and more clogged pores. Whiteheads, some blackheads, and lots of new large pimples began to surface! My face also felt like sand paper and was more bumpy than usual I was afraid to look in the mirror with the sun hitting my face. I just prevailed though and used an oil cleanser as well to exfoliate, but that didn't help.

I then realized it was this cleanser, I felt so bad because it was putting back any progress I was trying to make! I stopped using this right away, and only washed with warm water for a couple of days and then re-introduced the Cetaphil moisturizer.

What a difference. It's been almost a week and 60% of the sandpaper texture on my face is gone. I also no longer have huge breakouts. What a shame.

Edit: I'm giving this another chance just to finish the bottle since I've been using Avar LS now which is amazing, and I'm not getting any of the above effects anymore. I just wouldn't use Cetaphil cleanser alone.

Didn't completely clear my acne
Reviewed on August 17, 2017

I had moderate to severe acne and after just using this product with Simple replenishing rich moisturizer, I still had mild acne with clogged pores. I'm not complaining because my skin has been much worse. This product makes my oily, acne prone skin feel soft and clean. However, I need a medicated product like Stridex max strength pads to really help with the rest of the acne. 4 starts because it cleans my face and makes it feel good but it hasn't cleared my acne after a year and a half of use.

Great cleanser
Reviewed on August 17, 2017

I was fooling around with a lot of facial cleansers and I couldn't find one that would get rid of my acne. I started to use cetaphil because so many people recommended it online so I gave it a try. It felt weird a first, almost like my face wasn't clean, usually it would feel a little squeekey and I hated that feeling because I felt like all my good oils were being stripped away but I guess it was cleaning my face because even though it felt weird I was super moisturized after and my acne slowly started to go away. Along with starting to drink more water and sleeping more my acne was minimized by 90% and now I don't think I will ever change my cleanser because it is so gentle and reduces my acne.

by taytaylor on 09/07/2017 03:44
be careful this product has a chemical that can cause cancer
cleared my skin completely
Reviewed on August 14, 2017

only thing that's ever cleared my skin within the past 2 years of having severe acne

Give it a chance.
Reviewed on July 16, 2017

I have the most sensitive skin in the world. It is acne prone, for the last 2 years at least. I was only washing my face with coconut oil and that was doing alright. As an athlete I sweat a lot and I needed something to clean more. If you are looking for something to clean your face, this is it. It is fragrance free, and as someone who can't even do a light fragrance, this wash is amazing. I have oily skin, and I do NOT need a moisturizer after using this. I am allergic to Salycilic Acid, and most acne fighting chemicals make my skin itch. Cetaphil does NOT. This is finally what I've been looking for and I hope I can help someone too.

Jatuh Cinta!
Reviewed on June 24, 2017

Akhirnya masa masa pencarian sabun muka telah berakhir! Yippie!! Ngerasa ketemu jodoh deh! Walaupun produk ini lumayan pricey, tapi kalau sering sering ke drugstore ntar sering diskon juga kok. Hehehe pokoknya lope lope lah sama cetaphil😘

by HandyPrepared on 09/01/2017 12:15
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