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Cephalexin Oral Antibiotic
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Brand: Cephalexin

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Cephalexin Oral Antibiotic


Active Ingredients:
250 mg, 333 mg, 500 mg, or 750 mg of Cephalexin.

Inactive Ingredients:
Cellulose, D & C Yellow No. 10, F D & C Blue No. 1, F D & C Yellow No. 6, gelatin, magnesium stearate, silicone, titanium dioxide.

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Cephalexin Oral Antibiotic

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Cephalexin Oral Antibiotic

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Works great for me
Reviewed on August 3, 2015

I'm 26F and I was put on 500mg 2x daily and the results have been great. I'm not sensitive to antibiotics and haven't had any noticeable side effects (although the exhaustion thing does ring a bell). I'm on the cephalexin and onexton (clindamycin + benzoyl peroxide) and within 2 weeks my skin is almost completely clear and my scabs are clearing up. Before that I tried several other drug store common options, trying to give each of them the time for my face to get used to them and still had about 15 cystic spots and 20-50 comedones and postules. I'm also doing my best to not touch or pick at my face at all to let my acne run it's natural course. I've switched to a non-comedogenic powder foundation. So far I'm very happy with the results! I have a follow up with my dermatologist in 3 months, so I'll keep an eye out for the side effects and plateaus.

by Sydneyval on 02/18/2016 23:00
That's so great. I'm starting it today....I really hope it helps me. How's your acne now?
Not Happy
Reviewed on June 23, 2015

I was prescribed 500mg 2x/day with a 30 day prescription, which seems pretty standard according to these reviews but is a long time for antibiotics! My stomach is sensitive to medication at times, so I took every precaution when taking this. I only took it with meals, and I added probiotics and extra yogurt in my diet. I didn't notice any side effects within the first week, but I also didn't see any improvements. Most of my acne is on my chin/jawline, and they're usually painful. During this time, one of the aggravated cysts started to hurt less, but that's part of the natural cycle anyway, and another one appeared on my jaw. But on the 8th day of taking this medication--oh my god. I woke up feeling very nauseous, before I had even taken the medication. I assumed it wasn't a big deal, ate breakfast and took my first dose of the day. Over the course of the day, my nausea and sour stomach got worse. It was like a hangover, but I hadn't consumed any alcohol. I wasn't hungry, I had cold sweats and I was very, very tired. By 7/8 pm I was so nauseous and I had to commute back from work and by 10pm I was in bed with the lights off trying not to throw up (but I hadn't eaten anything)! I didn't take my evening dose, and by the next morning I was 100% better.

My derm was not very helpful when he prescribed this to me--he was very dismissive and didn't really offer me any other options besides the topical meds that haven't worked for me in the past. I'm seeing a new doctor soon, because I've been really disappointed with the dismissive nature of dermatologists. Don't take this if you're sensitive to antibiotics, because even doing everything right, I had terrible side effects.

by whb on 06/29/2016 13:24
It is recommended that you wait at least 2 hours between antibiotics and probiotics. However, if you want the antibiotics to work unchallenged, wait to start up probiotic after all antibiotics have been taken.
Worked amazingly well
Reviewed on June 5, 2015

I actually went on this a week before a major surgery on doctors orders. I was so distracted with the idea of surgery that I didn't notice until later that it caused my acne to COMPLETELY go away. It was awesome, unfortunately it only lasted while I was on the medication, a mere week. (The effects lasted about 2 weeks.)

I would like to get on this again but I'm not sure if a doctor would prescribe it specifically for acne.

by Sarafelice on 04/28/2016 23:29
They definitely will! I used an app called Dr on Demand. I highly recommend it; you basically put in your information, insurance if you have it (without insurance it's $40) and all of your symptoms whatever they may be. Then you instantly connect to a doctor using FaceTime or video chat. It definitely beats going to urgent care when you know what's wrong with you like a sinus infection, strep throat, etc. I called the other day and the doctor prescribed me cephalexin 500mg every 6 hours for ten days. She sent the script to the pharmacy I provided and it was ready to be picked up ten minutes after we hung up. I've only been using it for a couple of days but it's already working tremendously well. Anyways, I hope this helps and I'm glad your surgery went well!
Side effects
Reviewed on May 5, 2015

My dermatologist switched me to this after a lack of results from Minocycline and this is the clearest my skin has looked, but I did experience a lot of nausea and exhaustion after first starting cephalexin. I'm not sure if it's directly been caused by the meds or not, but it's definitely been worth it if it means I don't need to go on accutane!

by whb on 06/29/2016 13:26
How long did you take ceph, if you stopped taking did your acne return?
Didn't do a thing...
Reviewed on March 20, 2015

I took Cephalexin twice a day for two solid months and it didn't do anything at all.

Worked with aczone and retin-a
Reviewed on July 28, 2014

I took these pills at the same time I started using aczone and retin-a creams. The results were visible in a couple months. There were noticeably less active pimples, and most of what I had on my face were marks. Still dealing with the marks today, but at least I don't have to deal with active pimples much anymore

Very Helpful!
Reviewed on October 30, 2013

Cephalexin really helped me heal almost immediately of severe swelling, throbbing, and oozing of my acne. I really saw an improvement on the texture of my skin; there was not so many bumps anymore.

Amazing for certain types of acne!!!
Reviewed on July 31, 2013

This is definitely an antibiotic worth trying if you are struggling with acne scabs that won't heal. It brings down inflammation very quickly and helps stop the oozing and leaking from open sores. This is an antibiotic for various infections including SKIN infections. For me, it is a miracle in healing my skin, even though it does make me tired. I have realized though that I have to back off it for a while and only use it when I am having a particularly difficult time healing otherwise the effect sort of plateaus and I don't get the same great results. I take 500 mg twice a day. My doctor did not want me to use too often either bc of becoming immune to it. I only get cysts and/or watery kind of pimple things on my chin. They hurt and take forever to heal and keep filling up and have to be re drained or popped to bring down the swelling. This truly makes them start to heal within a day. They are not gone immediately obviously but I can see the redness and swelling reduced very quickly. Because it helps heal the skin quickly, it does reduce the amount of scarring.

by tooblessed87 on 02/05/2015 06:23
How long did you have to take it for?
Reviewed on May 25, 2013

I am 32f, saw derm for terrible breakouts on back that I've never had before. Diagnosed foliculitis and acne. Prescribed doxy and clindamiacin cream. Doxy caused vommiting so he switched to keflex. After one week no improvement, back is worse, face is same. Caused yeast infection plus bad feminine itch. Holding out in hopes it will work soon, but it's not looking good. I don't understand how I could have a clear back all my life and now all of a sudden there are zits Everywhere all over it.

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Reviewed on February 25, 2013

without treatment, I would get deeper and more painful acne in more places on my face. with cephalexIn, I don't get as many of those, but I still get some, and I still have less severe acne in a number of places on my face and body. for someone looking to clear their acne completely, this might not be a perfect fit

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