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Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (as a topical)
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Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (as a topical)


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Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (as a topical)

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Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (as a topical)

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Reviewed on September 17, 2017

I never believed that any one product could change my skin. In my view, acne had to be treated holistically. But I was wrong; this one product has healed my skin. I have NO new breakouts.

I have read all the other reviews for ACV as a topical treatment. And I really think ACV only works for certain kinds of acne. There's "no one size fits all" in acne treatment. So I encourage people to experiment with potency in your ACV/water solutions. And to listen to your skin. If you're feeling itching, burning, something is wrong and you should stop. Your skin should never feel that way.

I'm going to share my personal journey with acne and if your experience sounds like mine, I encourage you to try acv. My journey with acne started around age 17 when I was prescribed Benzoyl Peroxide, a topical antibiotic (clindamycin), and RetinA for very mild teenage acne. I used those two medications religiously for a year. It worked really well. But my medication started to run out and I didn't care to refill them because my skin was clear. A few months later I started wearing makeup and cleansing my face daily. When I wore makeup I washed my face with up to 2 kinds of cleanser. I had also started college around that time so food and lifestyle were totally out of whack.

Over the past three years, my acne got progressively worse as I tried all different kinds of treatments and natural remedies. Nothing helped because the more I tried to "fix" my skin, the more I weakened it's ability to do its job.

About two weeks ago, with a face full of red inflamed bumps, hyperpigmentation and clogged pores, I went out on a limb to try acv. I saw a huge difference in ONE night. The inflamation had gone down and everything looked like it was healing.

Here is my daily routine:

Wake up, take a soft cotton pad, dip it in organic pure safflower oil, LIGHTLY drag the cotton pad across my skin to pick up debris, dip a new cotton pad in DILUTED (1part acv,2 parts water) acv solution, again very lightly drag across my skin, being very thorough to reach every part of my skin, remoisturize with a dime size amount of safflower oil. That's all I do.

I do NOT wash my face with cleanser ever. I only splash my face with water occasionally and only with lukewarm or cold water. An important note here: I experienced a period of breaking out in the first week which I attributed to using too much pressure when I cleaned my skin with the cotton pad. Please be very gentle!! After I paid extra attention to gentle movements, my skin cleared right up again.

In addition to this routine, I run and do strength training 3x a week, I strictly never eat processed foods or sugar, but I allow myself to eat anything else as long as I cook it myself. I try to go to bed before midnight every night as well.

But the big difference here was not using any cleanser, maintaining a healthy ph level with the acv solution and keeping skin moisturized. After that, damaged, overwashed skin will take care of itself and heal. Hope this helps

Reviewed on July 31, 2017

I've been using this for about 2 weeks. I dilute the vinegar 1:1 with water and use it as a toner after I wash my face. It leaves your face a little dry/smooth and obviously it smells pretty strongly (I find it goes away after a while,it might just be me adjusting). I've ALWAYS had texture on my nose and this has made it completely smooth. As for my acne, it's definitely improved. I 100% recommend this to everyone

Broke me out???
Reviewed on June 17, 2017

I had a lot of questioning happening with myself when I tried out unfiltered apple cider vinegar (topically & in my diet; separately tested) for my acne and I was surprised to see that instead of helping it as I heard it had for most people, it made my acne more inflamed and worse!! I pushed through it and tried to keep taking it to see if it would get any better but I just saw the bad results and couldn't take the risk of it getting even worse anymore

by IharaG on 07/31/2017 05:25
Did you dilute it?
Most definetly give it a try
Reviewed on June 8, 2017

Hey guys, My name is diamond and im 13 and i have very bad acne all over my face. Not so bad on my forehead but on my cheeks, jaw line. It isnt very bad , but to me it is bad. Acne lowers my self esteem at times. And it makes me very frustrated because nothings works. I looked high and low on the internet, and i have tryed many things but it never works, I use all products as such as Noxzema, Bioré , Olay products , St ives many things and home remedies but NOTHING works. My acne treatment routine is usally wash my face , Cleanse with noxzema and probably try some acne removal products. Not too long ago i started using Bioré (Charcoal one) I saw change but not too much. Remind you. I have lots of small bumps. I never really had huge pimples.. they come once in a blue moon. Recently my sister told me about Apple Cidar Vinegar and i tried it. I saw a difference in my acne INSTANTLY. Although if you dont mix it with water it may start to make your face itch..and it has a smell too but its ok. I recommend if you try this Mix it with watet and shake it up because it may make your face itchy. Im so glad i found out about this. I promise myself i will use it everyday. Hopefully my mom gets me a dermetologist soon. I totally think everyone struggling with acne should try this. It made my bumps smaller and all..its amazing i love it! TRY IT TRY IT TRYYY IT!! And to all the people struggling with acne..May god help get through this i hope one day you may no longer suffer from this you are beautiful with acne or with out it. Be confident. God made us all a certain way. Learn to accept and love yourself. Because you are beautiful no matter what. ❤

It's a MAGIC!
Reviewed on May 19, 2017

I normally use acv on my salad's dressing or put some in my food prep to add flavor. I had never knew people actly use acv on face to cure acne until I read an article. My face breakout seriously in this month (don't know why) and I was so upset to see those red bumpy dots especially at my lower left chin area. Moreover, my face turns dry and much oilier than usual.

Post the article, I did a lot of findings & reading people's review on using acv as facial toner. Most of the reviews are with +ve rate & hence, I took the courage to try it on my face. It's been 2 weeks since my 1st use and I think I'm ready to share my experience here.

The ratio of my acv toner is 2:1, i.e.: 2 for water & 1 for acv. The ratio is vary depends on the acceptance of the acidic concentration of each individual. I use filtered water instead of tap water because tap water contains chlorine which I believe the mixture from chlorine and acv isn't safe to skin. My 1st application was at night before bedtime and I got to see the result on the next morning! My face's acne shrink and they appeared less reddish! I was so surprised to see the result and I decided to replace my normal face toner with this so call acv toner.

My skin care routine at home include cleanse, exfoliate (twice a week), toner, serum, mask (twice a week), moisturiser & eye cream, benzac ac 5. Although since after using acv my acne cure faster than any other method I ever tried, but, I started to realize my face was getting drier and tighter on the 3rd or 4th day. Then, I decided to do a small adjustment on my skin care routine -- apply sheet mask every night after serum and followed by the last 2 steps. With is small adjustment, my face is getting better, less oily, smoother & supple now although scars are still there on my face. Anyhow, I'm happy to see the improvement of my face from day to day.

Despite how it cures my acne, below are my comments about this home remedy in other aspects:

1. Smell?: The sour smell from the acv itself will stay on the face for awhile but it's OK, I don't really bother about the smell.LOLx. (PS: It stings so do avoid eye area.)

2. Pores getting smaller?: Yes, can see my pores getting smaller along my acne recovering period.

3. Does it helps on black and whiteheads?: Yes. I find the extraction/removal especially on my nose is much easier now. I don't need to squeeze that much like past. Moreover, I can remove them using tweezer!

4. Does it even out my skin tone?: Yes. but isn't that significant to me since my skin tone is OK.

5. Does it helps fade away scars?: Whichever related to scar takes time. So, I still monitoring the scars on my face.

I swear I will never buy any toner for now. Just stick to this home remedy will do. Save $$ and save my skin.

*Happy reading*

Definitely try it!
Reviewed on May 3, 2017

I started using apple cider vinegar about a month ago after my acne prescription stopped working. At first I was nervous because it made me break out more but turned out just to be purging. I break out a lot on my forehead and cheeks but now there's about 6 tiny pimples on my face right now. It worked so well for me my complexion is evening out and my pores aren't as huge plus my face stopped being super oily!

by Girliegirlme on 08/13/2017 07:29
how long the purging will stop? and how many times you put ACV on your face? I also using ACV now and I also experiencing break out on my face more pimples that show and hopefully it will gone too the same with you...
sensitive to hard water?
Reviewed on April 25, 2017

I suspected my tap water may be contributing to my acne. I have hard water and I heard vinegar can be used to restore skins pH balance and remove minerals and metals that can be left behind after washing. My easy fix rather than installing a water filtration system is to buy a single bottle of purified water, drink half and fill the rest with apple cider vinegar. I also added a few drops of tea tree oil. I store it in the fridge and use it on a cotton pad as a toner. My skin began breaking out about 15 years ago in my early 20's. I always assumed it was that adult acne I kept hearing about. I now believe it's always been the hard water. So it's worth a try. Won't cost much to experiment. The tea tree oil has acne fighting benefits but I added it mainly to disguise the smell of vinegar. Works great without it. Just be sure to use the toner after every shower or any time you splash your face with tap water. I use it right before bed and right when I wake up.

Great, Works better than acne products
Reviewed on April 24, 2017

I've had acne since 5th grade around 12y/0 I'm 16 in the 10th now and I've tried lots of different acne products. Black Soap, Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, Clearasil you name it ! My Acne is pretty inflamed and sensitive.... mostly Reds bumps that hang out for a week disappear and come back somewhere else ugh... My Aunt told me about this Vinegar so I decided to try it... I figured it couldn't hurt. The first night I washed my face with simple white soap and then applied the vinegar on my entire face it dried and I left it and went to bed.... when I woke up not only was my skin soft it wasn't oily... the redness was way down, my acne scars had lighten, even some bumbs shrunk !!!! I'm on day 4 and each day my face improves and so does my happiness... if you've tried anything and it hasn't worked this is your best bet Honestly cheap, very effective, last a while.

Brace your self for the smell lol, it is vinegar after all.

Also, I'm African American, my skin is light, and its sensitive. This product is great for all skins from my knowledge .

by DaeDae17 on 05/07/2017 15:08
Reviewed on April 7, 2017

So I never usually get spots or pimples and all of a sudden I have broken out so bad on my forehead. I've tried different things but nothing seems to work. Then I came across ACV. I've been using it as a toner with the ratio 1:1 and have been using it for about 5 days now, I thought I saw a little improvement with the redness of the spots going down but today my forehead looks so bad. Please could someone advise me how long this takes to kick in? Thanks :)

by April Miller on 04/20/2017 01:11
Your face might be going through a purging stage, where it gets worse before it gets better. If your face has no improvement after 4 to 6 weeks its probably not working. Also if your noticing acne where you dont normally get it, its prob not purging and just a breakout
Feels refreshing
Reviewed on April 7, 2017

I started using this about a week ago and it has definitely helped with redness! My skin tone appears more even now and the red/dark spots from pimples calms down faster when I use it. I am also getting cysts and papules less frequently. I made a 1 part ACV to 4 part water mixture and use it once a day on my face before I go to bed after washing and before moisturizing.