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Should've started with this... Better late than never



If you are reading this, don't lose hope. I think this is going to help you. (I'm from the Philippines btw)

I'm 28 right now, and have had to fight acne for 8 years.

Age 20-24:

*College days, stress at peak levels, all that stuff. Boom, 1 pimple appeared, tried to pop it. The next day, it came with reinforcements. And another one. Time for some face wash. Yep it feels good, and clean. I want that squeaky clean. A few days passed, nothing's working. *Keeps popping* Now it's bad. Almost both of my cheeks are full of these pesky bumps. Time to seek for professional help. Hey it's working, but it keeps coming back. *Keeps on jumping from one professional to another* 

Age 25-27

Been like the above for maybe 4 yrs. Then I tried natural remedies, not good. Tried water only, it was bad for me. Tried oil based, doesn't really help much. Now working, so I tried for another professional help, you know, those dermatologists who empty our wallets. Tried to stick to this one because this was my last try to seek help from them. So there, seemed good at first, but I can't really see a light at the end of this tunnel. She prescribed me some antibiotics, the strong ones. One week and no more pimples forming. But after that, pimples keep coming back. So I came to the conclusion that all the face wash and weekly appointments I got from them really never made progress. It was like a band-aid for something that needs to be cured. I stopped. **Antibiotics are bad for pimples, don't go this route when you have acne

Age 28: 

Basically tried everything at this point. Almost lost all hope. Forgot to tell you that I had depression because of this. Yep, it sucks. I tried to think of all those professional help, and one thing I realized was that no one really emphasized what I was eating. 

Now I started to do MY OWN research. I won't go too much into details but I'll give the important ones.

First one, drinking water is a no brainer. This is a must. First one on my checklist.

Tried Panoxyl's Benzoyl Peroxide 4%. (Still using, once a day at night + a moisturizer)

Another one I saw where it says there's a brain-skin-gut connection. Just google this one and you'll understand. Now, "gut"? I've never really paid much attention to this one. Now it was about time to google "foods that cause acne". THIS one may not work for everyone but this worked for me. I removed dairy products, chocolates, basically all the good stuff. It helped A LOT. But little did I know that there were a few more foods to cross off. THIS IS TRIAL AND ERROR, BE PATIENT. I just recently discovered that even eggs and tofu, AND mayo are bad for me. 


Sorry for the long post. I felt like I needed to share my story. I still get pimples, but just the ones that don't bother you too much. 

-Drink lots of water

-Do not touch your face. 

-Trial and error on trigger foods(elimination diet)**game changer


-*I'm still using Panoxyl BP 4% once a day at night + moisturizer. I think it keeps my acne at bay(I can't eliminate this because everything is going well. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I guess lol)

-Stress can literally break you out. (Brain-skin-gut)


I think that's it. Hopefully this helps you. I've suffered too much but now I can safely say I'm past that tunnel. Keep your heads up!







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