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Pustules and sebaceous filaments gone



It's been a while. My last post on this website was 6 years ago.

I stopped visiting after I found a skincare regimen that mostly worked for me. My issues were oily skin, pustules, and sebaceous filaments. Most of this was clustered right on my nose, which caused many years of embarrassment and self-consciousness for me. I was fortunate that my acne was mild/moderate, but it was still gross looking.

Nowadays, my skin is still as oily as ever. I suspect that will never change, but the difference now is that I've learned to accept it. I'm still a bit self-conscious about it when I'm out with people, but I just blot the oil off my nose every couple of hours. I live with it.

In terms of acne, a game changer for me was discovering that my skin responds best to a gentle regimen. In the past I bombarded my face with all kinds washes and creams and lotions, and my skin would break out.

I saw a massive improvement when I switched to an extremely simple regimen: wash my face with water, and use a moisturizer.

Another big piece of the puzzle was realizing that my nose didn't respond well to thick, creamy moisturizers. I tried a number of things and eventually landed on squalane oil, which I'm currently using. It's okay.

That regimen + being vigilant about never touching my skin with dirty hands made a big difference

That was all a big revelation for me. I spent a long time trying to tackle my skin issues through diet and by throwing a bunch of different products at it. Although I think diet did help somewhat, at the end of the day my skin responds mostly to things that physically interact with it.


Recent changes

So, now the reason I'm actually posting here after 6 years. My gentle skincare regimen resolved about 80% of my acne issues years ago, but I still had these annoying little pustules and sebaceous filaments popping up on my nose, at least a couple times per week. I've had these things since I was a teenager, for over 15 years. Always something small and white on my nose, somewhere. Much worse when I was younger, but they still pop up. They're just so damn persistent, and I've never given up trying to find a solution for them. It's been a never-ending battle.

About two weeks ago, they stopped. And I don't know why.

These are the things I suspect because they are the only changes I've made recently to my daily life:

  • The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% - I added this to my regimen to help reduce redness. It's the only new topical I've tried in a long time, which makes me suspect it's responsible. What makes me question that is I started using it over a month ago. It seems weird that it would suddenly start having this effect after 2-3 weeks.
  • Bragg's Nutritional Yeast - I've eaten this before, but only sporadically. It wasn't until a couple weeks ago that I started eating a tablespoon consistently, almost every day.
  • Sardines - I've eaten a lot of sardines over the years for the health benefits, especially the omega-3s. I recently started eating them very consistently every single day. I seriously doubt this is to thank for my current skin situation, but it's possible.
  • Healthy diet - I've experimented EXTENSIVELY with healthy eating over the years with minimal effect on my skin, so I seriously doubt this is the reason. But two weeks ago I decided to eat extra healthy again and toss out any junk food from my diet.
  • DIM - Again, I've done this in the past with no interesting results. I started taking it again (50mg-100mg per day) three weeks ago to combat side effects from Finasteride, which I took for 2 months and then stopped a month ago.

It's crazy because certain things that are normally triggers for my acne aren't doing anything. Sweating and blotting oil off my nose with napkins were big ones. I used to get a small breakout after every social outing. And my acne used to get worse every summer like clockwork because of all the sweat. If I ever had a night out or an active day, I went to bed knowing I'd wake up to new spots on my nose.

Now there's nothing.

I don't know if this will continue. For all I know my skin might break out tomorrow and it will all revert back to normal. But I'll be keeping an eye on it.


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