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Hi everyone,

the photos you see were taken in natural lighting aka the WORST lighting other than overhead lights that make my scars light up like it’s Christmas lol. 

I suffer from the aftermath of severe cystic hormonal acne that I battled with for many years in my teens. Being the dumb invincible teenage that I was, I didn’t realize what my future face was going to look like by neglecting to get proper treatment and picking at my skin. 

I am currently using topical clyndamycin and .1% topical tretinoin to keep my breakouts under control (for the most part).

I used to have severe red spots EVERYWHErE but in 2019 I did 6 Microneedling needling with the pen at a medspa and 6 neolaser treatments for active acne and red scarring(I will say this actually DID help with my active acne and red scarring as it is mostly gone now). 

I think the microneedling made some of the scarring  on my right cheek worse(the scarring nearest to my nose/mouth). I came to find out that microneedling is a TEMPORARY solution and Does not give permanent results. BUMMER and waste of money. If you have true acne scarring please beware of this scam.

rf Infiniti microneedling may actually give you more permanent results based off of some research I’ve done since it actually heats the tissue under your skin to restructure collagen fibers and the needles go deeper than a traditional microneedling pen or roller.
I will be doing a fully ablative co2 laser procedure to address the deep and shallow box car scarring on April 22 and my derm will choose what treatment will be best after reviewing the results.  

the scarring has definitely taken a serious toll on my mental health to the point of being suicidal last year. Thankfully I am now on two antidepressants and seeing a therapist but I still am hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel.


I will be documenting my progress with each treatment 


- A






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I have pretty similar scarring pattern compared to yours and the scarring also affects my mental health seriously and I almost committed suicide last year... 

Have spent 10k on different kinds of treatments:

1. 5 Fraxel Restore

2. 3-4 subcision

3. 1 TCA cross

4. 2 syringes of HA filler.

5. 1 Fraxel Repair.

From all the treatments, I only see some noticeable improvement from subcision, HA filler, and Fraxel Repair. The Fraxel restore helps the texture issue, but the improvements from acne scars are negligible. 

Over the last 1.5 years, I probably see 30% improvement from the scars and my skin has not reached to the condition that I feel comfortable with. Hence for you, I will suggest you to perform some aggressive laser treatments to sand down the edges for the boxcar scars and may be some TCA cross/Phenol for icepick scars. 

Forget about  microneedling or non-abalitive laser treatment, since they won't help much.

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thanks so much for your comment and the information. 

Do you think my scars are too deep for lasers?? I don’t really have a frame of reference, I’ve never seen anyone with scarring like mine. I was told it’s going to be very hard to treat because it’s Ice pick and boxcar all tethered together. 

yeah the microneedling made my skin look great, nice and puffed up for a few months. Once that wore off though I felt like I was right back to where I started minus all the red scarring. I guess it did serve a purpose but didn’t solve the textural issues I’m having. 

I know it’s only going to get worse as I age. I’m 28 now so I’m still relatively young. I want to do what I can as soon as possible 



Also - I am glad you’re still here and didn’t succumb to the suicidal thoughts... that’s the worst place anyone can be in... 

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I think yours are mainly boxcar and icepick scars. The ablative lasers won't have too much effect on those ones. Those need either TCA Cross/Phenol or surgical excision. The boxcars can be improved by the ablative lasers, but you need to sand down the edges to make it more like rolling scars. As for some of your rolling scars, it can be improved by subcision, filler, and laser. 

I know how it feels when all the swelling goes down and all the scars appear again. Trust me, I have gone through this feeling lots of times lol and it sucks. But I believe the skin can only gets better if you continue to treat them and it makes me feel better if I see even small improvement. I think we just need to have a reasonable expectation from each treatment, therefore we won't get frustrated so easily. 

It is never too late to start treating them!

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