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3 Years on Acne.Org Regime



PHOTOS: I just took these. Im wearing the BP have have a mini breakout (wow... 1-2 pimples is a breakout now lol)

I like to update this blog every time I come back to buy more products. I started in June of 2017 and it's now Jan of 2021!

I currently ONLY use the BP. I still put a pretty generous amount on my skin, but my skin does not dry out anymore. The one thing that sucks is that the BP bleaches anything I sleep in. So I have a designated pillow cover, only wear white shirts or bras to sleep. When I'm at a sleepover, I may skip BP for ONE night to not accidentally bleach my friends things LOL. When I'm with my boyfriend, I tell him NOT to sleep in anything he cares about hahahaha.


For the most part, my skin is clear. I DO STILL BREAKOUT BUT, I only breakout when I have dairy, don't consistently use BP, or am stressed. Other than that, my skin has changed so much and I'm so happy. When im consistent in what I eat & the BP, my skin is SOOOO SMOOOTH!!! Even my acne scars have faded bc I've had way less pimples. 


Routine after 3 years on Acne.org:


Some sort of mild Salicylic Acid cleanser (I found that this gives me EXTRA clear skin but did not start using it until 3 months ago)

Cetaphil moisturizer



Salicylic Acid Cleanser

BP (Like the amount of the top third of your index finger on each cheek and a little less on the forehead)





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