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Week 17, Day 4



Hey hey,

Well, my skin is looking really, really good. I have one small zit on the underside of my chin, because I rest my face there a lot. Other than that... pretty much no clogged pores, and definitely no pimples. Things just look so smooth, even, and good.

My PIH is also fading, although it is still there. I use AHA every other night; the rest of the time, it’s Dan’s BP with Cetaphil face wash and lotion, twice a day. I haven’t missed an application this whole time, except for one or two nights I skipped lotion because I was exhausted. But nothing is more exhausting than having acne...

I’m thinking of integrating Microdermabrasion soon! I think by the first of October — my birthday! — I’ll be ready. I still have about 3-5 TOTAL teeny tiny clogged pores on my face, and so I want to try and have those totally gone before I go ahead with microdermabrasion. But really, I feel super good about where things are at, and where they’re going. Other than this tiny pimple on my chin, I haven’t had a pimple in about a month.

This was unheard of for me a few months ago. Also, I’ve been on the Regimen almost 4 full months now! 


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