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Quitting Benzoyl Peroxide



Long story short. Ive never had acne, just the normal pimple here or there. I began a new moisturizer from Target back in 2019 and it slowly broke me out around my chin. The breakouts kept happening even after stopping the moisturizer. Everything i used, kept breaking me out. I didnt know how to stop it, so i went to a dermatologist. She diagnosed me with acne, and prescribed me clindamycin with benzoyl peroxide, as well as acnefree brand face wash. I used this for about 3 months and i was all clear. I went back to see the dermatologist and told me to keep using the gel and face wash to keep the acne at bay. She said it was safe, so i believed her like a fool. I got a refill of clindamycin, and kept using it. Fast foward to 2 months ago, and my skin literally burned. A clot of blood appeared in the inside of my mouth to show how much it burned through my skin. I completely stopped using everything and stuck to water. Its been 2 months now since ive been off benzoyl peroxide and the areas i used to apply it to, have been HORRIBLE. i cannot stop breaking out no matter what i use. They are large deep under the skin pimple and whiteheads all over. Also closed comedones all under my mouth which look unhealthy. I went back to see another dermatologist and she diagnosed me with rosacea, which i disagree with. I am convinced my skin is ruined from BP and i gave myself acne. I am here now, asking if anyone has ever had the same issue and how they resolved this? I am never going back to BP bc it literally burnt off layers of my skin that you can see is missing. I cannot stop regretting ever believing the doctor that BP was safe and that i had acne.  :(


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