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Week 15, Day 6



Hey hey,

So, things are looking really good. The last time I had an inflamed pimple was about three weeks ago. The last time I had a CYST was... wow... at least two months ago! DKR really works.

Generally my face is really smooth, but two weeks ago I did a Nair treatment on my face and left it on a minute too long, which ended up irritating my face a lot. I think as a result of that, I got a few clogged pores on both sides of my face. I HATE these things because they take a while to go away, but the good thing is they ARE going away, and drying up. 

I’ve been surrendering more and more to the Regimen... I DO try to me more gentle, and I try not to touch my face a whole lot. That said, I know that if I just do what I”m doing things will continue to look better and better. I’m so grateful for this program... 20 minutes morning and night, and BOOM: after two months, you stop getting acne. The timeline of “What to Expect” is definitely not accurate, in my experience (All the times I’ve done DKR I got a big breakout about 6 weeks in), but it’s still pretty spot on.

OH, and my red marks. They are still here, and they will be for a while, but I’m not too concerned. They will go away with time, and with semi-nightly AHA+ applications. Today is an AHA day, and I LOVE AHA days!

Last: I went to a birthday picnic this past weekend and saw a bunch of girls there (including my boyfriend’s ex... sigh, mutual friends/oh well) and I have to say... my face was among the clearest of people there. Like, people I thought who had perfect skin from what I’ve seen on Instagram and stuff had way more stuff going on than me. It was a real confidence booster. My skin looks great!

Yay DKR! I’ll keep posting as things come up. 

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