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Week 9, Day 2



Hey hey,

Wow, a lot has happened in the past 10 days. My face is looking and feeling really great! The pimple on my forehead, which was big and ugly, went away completely and left just a faint red mark that will probably be totally gone in a few weeks. The latent cyst on my left temple has finally resolved, as has the one on my right jawline; both were around for weeks and weeks in different stages, especially the one on my jawline. I'm talking 6 solid weeks! The right side of my face is pretty much entirely clear, with no (!!) active acne whatsoever and maybe, MAYBE 1-2 basically imperceptible clogged pores. The redmarks are also pretty imperceptible, save for the one where the cyst one (which is still red, but that's OK... thank God it's on my jawline!). Even the big red marks I got from the two major cysts I got back in the beginning of April are a light brown now, and that's just a hop, skip and a jump away from disappearing completely. I'm not worried about it.

My chin is looking pretty great, too! There is one dying zit on the bottom of the chin that I think came about due to wearing a mask (...), and I wouldn't be surprised if the middle broke out in one more tiny zit. But other than that, it's entirely clear with no clogged pores. I've got some redmarks there, to be sure, but they're not that severe and I know that only time takes care of them, so whaddya gonna do? 

The left side of my face, which struggled most of all, is doing really well, too. Like I said, the cyst by my eyebrow is finally gone, and my forehead and temple(s!) are totally clear. The problem area I had under my temple/near my mandible area is purging for what seems like the last time, as everything else (save for one teeny tiny basically imperceptible clogged pore) is totally clear. I've got a BIG one at the bottom of this line of PIH I have there, but I'm OK with it because a) my BF is up in NY and I'm not gonna see him for almost a week anyway, lol (although I miss himmm), and (more importantly) b) it's the last thing there that I knew needed to clear up. I've got some gnarly red marks, but they are what they are and at least it's not acne. Plus, it's localized pretty much to just this area of my face anyway.

I'm feeling really good. I saw some pictures of myself recently from a couple of weeks ago and was struck by the progress I've made. It makes such a big difference now that that cyst on my jawline is gone! Wow. And at the time, I was really pleased with my progress!

I don't want to jinx it because there is still room to grow here, but when I started DKR this time around I had a lot of clogged pores, some inflamed pimples, and was prone to big, ugly, itchy, cystic nodules. Now, I have NO cysts, no SIGNS of cysts, and basically no pimples on my face except for one that was in a place where there was a bunch of activity.

I'm excited to be consistently clear. Once I'm consistently clear for a few weeks, I'm going to introduce home microdermabrasion to my skin. I did that 10 years ago and my skin was FLAWLESS-- it felt so smooth, and it helped keep things even. I also think it'll help out the redmarks, too. I don't have that many in the grand scheme of things, but I'm excited for them to go away.


NO active acne by August 1st
Introduction of microdermabrasion by September 1
TOTALLY CLEAR of all redmarks by October 1!

Wish me luck :)


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