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Week 6, Day 4



Hi there,

OK, so I'm on Week 6. It's kind of hard to believe.

So for the most part, my skin is really evening out-- it's smooth, and my clogged pores are going away. I probably have less than five on my entire face, which is a big improvement. THAT SAID...

I have 3 huge, angry red zits (NOT CYSTS, thank GOD) on my face. To be fair, they are all in places where there was stuff that needed to come to the surface-- one on my left jawline/lower cheek, one on my left cheek, and a big one right under my lip that is the second coming of a cyst I had there 2.5 weeks ago. SigGGHhhHHh...

It's hard because I'm with my boyfriend and I just feel so embarrassed. They're really big and red. On the other hand, they're not cysts, and they're already looking better. I think in a few days they'll be gone. What am I gonna do about it? For now I've been doing the Regimen and applying makeup to my zits every few hours. Kinda stressful...

The good news is, they're NOT CYSTS. They're just big ugly zits, but that's SO MUCH BETTER than having a cyst. Seriously. I hope these flatten out and go away ASAP. One already turned yellow last night (although I popped it and today it's still here), another is sort of scabby because I picked off the scab yesterday when it wasn't ready, and the last one... it's just big and ugly. 

I'M SO EXCITED TO ALMOST BE DONE WITH ACNE. I feel like once these are gone my skin's gonna be looking really nice. Other than these three giant boils, my face is looking and feeling really good-- nice and smooth :)




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