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My daily routine



Hi All,

I realize I forgot to post my daily routine in my last post. So here it is for those interested:

It’s important to note that I have been on this routine for about 5 months already. And my skin only started healing about 3 weeks ago after I started my diet. So to be clear, my skin healing is because of my diet. But I thought I would post my routine anyways. 



Splash with cold water

Pat dry with towel

Apply Zerafite or Atopalm moisturizer



Wash gently with sulfate free Vanicream cleanser


Pat dry with towel 

Apply Zerafite or Atopalm moisturizer


I’m extremely gentle with my skin. I never rub my skin with a towel. I do not exfoliate. And it hasnt been a problem for my skin at all. My personal belief is that we shouldn’t exfoliate because the outer layer of our skin is actually what protects us from infection. The outer layer is a complex matrix of oils and dead skin and it forms a barrier against bacteria. There’s resources and people more qualified than me who support that. But do your research and decide for yourself. 

You’ll notice I don’t have any actives in my routine or masks or toners or acids and etc. I choose to keep a simplified routine for my own mental sanity. I used to have multi-step routines of face wipes, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, makeup, vaseline. And honestly it was hell, and it didnt really help. It’s freeing to just wake up and be done with your routine in less than 5 mins.

For the entire 4-5 months I’ve been on this routine (and before I started my diet), I didn’t see any change in my skin condition. And I’m not even entirely sure its doing anything right now. I feel like my diet is doing 99% of the healing. But I keep this routine because it improves my relationship with my skin. When I do this routine, I feel that I’m nurturing and taking care of it rather than fighting it. I’m done circulating through products to bombard my face with. It’s a very frustrating and unhealthy mindset. I just give it some support and then leave it alone. I tried my best to just accept it for what it was. And that has really reduced a lot of suffering and misery.



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