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Week 3, Day 4



Wow, halfway through Week 3 already?

Let's see. My face is less red than the last time I wrote, which is good-- my overall skin tone is improving. 

Overall status: two symmetrical big-ish papules on my jawlines that I was worried would be cystic that went down a LOT last night. I used 5% on them and spot-treated with tea tree oil, which I know isn't the Regimen but I'm so glad that they aren't going to turn into cysts. I am also currently deviating from the Regimen again AS WE SPEAK with the Aztec Secret Mask. This thing is pretty great, though, and seems to be good for shrinking things up on my face/getting rid of impurities in my pores. All I know is it doesn't break me out, and I use it when I feel things coming to the surface. I don't use it more than once a week, though.

What else... my chin is feeling smoother, and a few zits that cropped up last week shriveled up within a few days. I did have a big-ish papule on my jawline last Wednesday that I tried to pop (it looked ready) and sort of irritated, and lo-and-behold there are two zits next to it. It's on my jawline so it's not TOO bothersome, but lesson learned. I'm definitely getting better about obsessing in the mirror and picking my skin, which is to say I'm doing these things significantly LESS now. 

Sigh... having a boyfriend is triggering for me in so many ways... I kind of want to run away, but I know I can't. The skin thing is so triggering because his is PERFECT and I can't wait to have perfect skin just like his.

What else... a few things came to the surface on my right temple, which mostly flattened out except for one little thatch of maybe two clogged pores near my eye. That one still hasn't come fully to the surface yet, but oh well. I've got a bunch of non-inflamed clogged pores on the right side of my cheek near the edge of my face, but they're not too noticeable and I don't think they'll be inflamed on their way to healing (they're not deep). Sigh... I want them gone! On my right temple, the cyst I've had there for about 2.5 weeks is nearly deflated, and a tiny crop of blackheads right above it has turned into a swollen zit. I hope it's not cystic, but you know, with the Regimen, it seems that things do clear up more quickly than they once did. Other than that, my right temple feels pretty much clear. There's a big thatch of red marks right below my left temple that looks like a line, but you know what? It is what it is. I'm not too concerned about red marks this time around because I know they'll just go away with time, and I don't have too many of them (a few on my chin). THAT SAID, there were two monster cysts on the right side of my chin/no-man's-land area in MARCH/APRIL (so long ago!) that has a raised clogged pore in it. I hope it just goes away... cysts are the worst!

Thank god I haven't gotten a cyst in a week (knock on wood)... maybe even more than that. Oh, a cyst I got 2.5 weeks ago on my right jawline also seems to be healing. I saw two tiny whiteheads on it today, and I'm definitely not fucking with this. Good thing for the mask! I THINK it helps... we'll just keep seeing about my progress.

What else... a few clogged pores left on my left cheek, which is fine because they are pretty much going away. All good there! 

Basically, things have improved quite a bit. I'm noticing a slowing of the pace of acne -- maybe 3-4 inflamed zits a week, tops -- and an increased pace of them healing (regular old zits-- just a few days). Definitely see a reduction in cysts, and my skin is feeling smoother. It's less red and irritated, but still quite dry...

Nothing to do but keep pushing on. In a few weeks things are going to be looking really good, I think. It's almost Week 4, so by Week 6 I am hoping for NO MORE ACTIVE ACNE! That may be a pipe dream though, lol. So maybe by the start of Week 8 (3.5 weeks away, i.e. about as long as I've been on the Regimen) things are going to be looking realllly good.

AHA seems to be good, but once every other or every two days is also enough. 

Clear skin by July 1st!I got this!


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