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Week 2, Day 4



Hey there,

OK, I'm making some deep progress on the Regimen. It's exciting!

Status: the cyst on my temple is deflating significantly and isn't very red, so that's great. The rest of my forehead is looking pretty good-- the activity I had a few weeks ago in the left/middle is kind of hanging around. It's pretty imperceptible, but I want those clogged pores gone! On the right side my forehead is pretty much entirely clear. There are a few tiny clogged pores, but I think no one would notice them but me at this point because I've been mired in some pretty deep acne dysmorphia. Sigh... coming out, though. This quarantine bullshit isn't exactly helping me get out of my head, but I'm doing the best I can.

What else... chin. Once again, my chin is my problem area. The little zit in the middle hasn't quite totally flattened out yet, but it's not really there any more, so oh well. I got a tiny one under my lip, but it's not big and already has a yellow head and I trust it'll go away soon. It's not deep, thank godddd. Then there's one I got on the bottom of my chin that's got a big yellow center, but again, it's not a cyst so whatever. Got another little yellow one on the bottom right edge of my chin, and that flattened out pretty much in a matter of days. There are a few more clogged pores, and I felt a big sore spot right in the middle of my chin today, but I did the ZIIT (zinc, ibuprofen, ice, treat) method and I have to say, it seems to have stopped it in its tracks! 

What else... I have some clogged pores on my left cheek that are resolving, I think, but just slower than death. My temples are both OK-- the right one has some activity of some clogged pores coming to the surface in the form of tiny zits, but they're not cysts so I don't really care. Once those resolve, my right temple will be totally clear. It's crazy! Both my temples have pretty much no clogged pores, and I'm thrilled. Last summer I had tons of these little clogged pore things that are so hard to get rid of, and now my skin texture is generally pretty good.

A few clogged pores are hanging out on my right cheek, too, but they're pretty inconsequential. Jawlines are both doing OK, with something flattening out on the left (and a clogged pore that may turn into a tiny zit), but generally pretty smooth. And my right jawline, except for the two deflating cysts (they ARE deflating), is pretty smooth too. I guess I can't complain...

I want to feel beautiufl again, though. This shit really fucks with your self-esteem. I don't feel beautiful at all these days... maybe it's because I'm not out and about. The quarantine stuff is hard. But... oh well. At least I'll have clear skin by the time New York opens back up again, and am going through the hardest part of DKR NOW and not while running around the city! Silver linings, I guess.

That said, my face is typical Week 2-- dry, red, stinging, uncomfortable. But it's not super flakey, like it was when I first started this thing 10 years ago (omg). Maybe it's because my skin is used to BP already...

THAT SAID, I added in some AHA (my package from Dan arrived!!!) yesterday, which I KNOW you're not "supposed" to do until you're a month in BUT my skin has been getting BP action (inconsistently albiet) for 10 years now, so we'll see. It felt good and my skin felt soooo smooth today. Definitely not going to overdo it, though, which is my tendency. 

I'm proud of myself for sticking to the Regimen pretty exactly! I didn't touch my face a whole lot today; working on that. Just trying to remember that clear skin is MINE for the taking, and that it's just a few weeks away. Indeed, my skin looks pretty good now. I just want airbrushed perfect, you know?



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