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Week 2, Day 1



Hi all,

Made it to Week 2! Feeling OK.

And by "feeling OK", I mean... well, it fluctuates. Generally, my skin is still looking pretty damn good when I wake up in the morning, and I'm realizing there is room to streamline my adherence to DKR even more. It's a little tricky having a boyfriend and doing this-- especially a boyfriend with unbelievably perfect skin (seriously) -- but... oh well. I'm getting over that. 

My skin is mysterious, but I also trust that DKR will clear it up. Mysterious for what reason, you ask? My acne is definitely mild, but I'm noticing that I tend to break out in cysts. Like, just one or two-- it's like it's extra susceptible to inflammation these days or something. Maybe the stress of all this quarantine bullshit is getting to me (I'm definitely feeling it, especially as a public school teacher in NYC doing "remote teaching") -- so who knows. I guess we'll get into it in the status.

So... current status: Forehead is looking pretty good. There is a tiny zit on the left side that's a clogged pore coming to the surface, and maybe 1-3 clogged pores total (on that side only), but other than that things are pretty smooth. There's a dying zit near the middle that has been hanging out for a while, but it's small and there's nothing I can do but stay patient and gentle. My temples... have been a problem area this time around, and really for my whole life-- it's the only place on my face where I have significant acne scarring, from when I was 12. I kinda like it, honestly, but anyway... on my right side, I have probably 10 clogged pores and a sort-of inflamed zit that I pray resolves on its own without becoming a weird cyst thing (more on this below), but since it's close to my hairline, whatever. It actually is feeling pretty smooth and looks pretty good, but there's some stuff that has to get resolved and I trust it will in the coming weeks. The right side of my face has some clogged pores too, but down to the  jawline it's pretty smooth. My LEFT temple has almost no clogged pores left -- maybe a 1-5, not sure exactly given that there's a mix of dying zits in there too that aren't red (thank jebus), but there's a giant cyst there that's the result of three blackheads coming to the surface at once. It turned into a zit last week, sort of laid dormant and skin-colored (but huge, like the size of a big pea), and now is sort of red. I have NO IDEA what's going on with it, but I want it gone ASAP. Thank GOD for DKR... I trust it in my bones that this is the one thing that's gonna work. Nothing to do but be patient and stick to the Regimen...

Let's see. My left cheek is another problem area, as is the mandible area right underneath my temples. There's a thatch of clogged pores/big smattering of PIH there from when I broke out in two giant cysts there back in April. It's not pretty, but it's at the edge of my face and things could be a lot worse. That area just has some stuff that probably still needs to come  to  the surface, so I'm bracing myself in the coming weeks. That said, it's definitely clearer than it was a week ago, and I'm grateful for that. As for the cheek, you know, it started to become a problem area a few years ago-- 2016, I think. I never really break out on my cheeks at all except for this one area. Luckily, it's just tiny little whitehead things, but they're taking forever to go away. I've probably got 4 of them, and then a bit of PIH. All I know is, DKR is my fucking savior and so long as I do it pretty strictly things are gonna be just fine.

Jawlines: right one was ravaged by three cysts, one that's basically dead (but it's been a month...), one that's ALMOST dead but was more of a giant papule than a true cyst, and a bonafide cyst that popped up a week ago out of nowhere (seemingly). It's shrunken considerably and isn't as flaming red (more of a pink now), but it's still bumpy and feels like a pea is stuck under my skin. Ugh!! My chin, though, I must say, is doing quite well. Got a regular ol' zit in the middle (thank god a regular zit) that's pretty much run its course; it should be flaking off and going away in the next day or so. There may be a few clogged pores on the bottomside, but I'm not too concerned. And no-man's land is looking pretty clear and feels very smooth on both sides! My left side has a few clogged pores-- maybe 3-ish? -- and one (closer to my cheek) is a tiny little zit. I'm grateful for that and hope it goes away.

I'm just so sick of having these big cysts, though. My skin is actually doing pretty well, so it's discouraging that the things I DO have on my face are big nodules. It scares me a little bit too, but I know I'm doing the exact right thing by doing DKR pretty faithfully.

Areas to improve:

- using only 2.5% BP (I used 5% last night because my 2.5 is low and Dan's won't get here until Wednesday, and I noticed my face was blotchy and uneven today. Makes sense)
- NO TOUCHING FACE DURING THE DAY! I'm getting a LOT better at this, and at not looking in the  mirror and obsessing (so much easier to do when we're stuck at home!!), but it's a process. I forgive myself...

- Be even more gentle when applying BP and lotion especially

-NO DEVIATING! That said, I currently have the Aztec Healing Clay Mask on my face... ugh. I'm glad I did it because this thing shrinks cysts and my skin seems to like it, PLUS it's also good for shriveling up tiny zits/clogged pores that are close to the surface. But I know I'm not supposed to deviate... I just got discouraged when I came home and saw that I have a baby cyst (if such a thing can exist) NEAR MY EYE on the inner corner of my eyebrow. Luckily it's not really visible to anyone but me and my ACNE HAWKEYE, but COME ON. A cyst near my eye? A baby one?

I'm just over it. Hoping that this week sees more clearing. I'm really excited for totally smooth, totally clear skin... 0 clogged pores and 0 cysts... 


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