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Week 1, Day 5



Hey hey,

OK, so every day I wake up and am pretty astonished at the progress my skin is making. It's definitely not perfect, but it's also totally not bad at all. 

This shit WORKS, yo.

For anyone reading-- I had been on DKR for a long time off-and-on (5 years of trying to tweak it, and started it + was reasonably faithful to it for five before that, during which time I had pretty much perfect skin), so my face isn't new to BP. That's good, because I remember my first go with DKR and my face was totally red and flakey. Right now, it's a little bit red and dry, but not really flakey or that irritated. I'm very grateful.

Status: the two cysts on my jawline are starting to shrink down into hard knots. One has a tiny whitehead on it and the other, while not giant and swollen and pulsating and THAT painful, is shrinking a little bit. Sigh. Cysts are the WORST; they just hang out on your skin for weeks and even MONTHS. I got a big cyst on my jawline a few weeks ago that's still faintly there, and a cyst in my no-man's land area three weeks ago that's still ever-so-slightly raised. I read through my old blog and I'm relieved that a) I have already been through this, and succeeded, before and b) that these things do eventually go away. The other thing I noticed is that I apparently didn't get many cysts at all after the first two weeks, and my skin today is far more calm than it was when I started DKR for the first time way back when. 

What else... chin: a  zit there that cropped up a few days ago is there, but sort of flat; there's no yellow head, but it's also not a cyst so whatever. A few blackheads on the bottom of the left side of my chin seem ready to either fall out or disappear some other way, and my right side has a few tiny clogged pores. There's one clogged pore in a thatch of red marks from TWO GIANT MONSTER cysts I had back in the end of March/early April that really ravaged my self-esteem and were kind of the incentive for me to really crack down on my acne/let my beautiful skin shine through, but at that time I was still hellbent on doing it the "natural" way. Hmm... Anyway, there's probably 5-7 clogged pores total on my chin, but they're on the sides/by the jawline, and who knows-- they may just fallout on their own! That would be great... I've got a few redmarks on my chin/in no-man's-land, but redmarks I can deal with. It's the active acne I really want gone at this point, as well as all clogged pores + blackheads. I'm getting there... my face feels smoother whenever I wash my face (for ten seconds!!!).

Temples: Right temple has 3-4 faint clogged pores, and there are a few on my upper apples of my right cheek, but they're barely noticeable and I'm not to concerned. I also trust they will go away, as everything is shriveling up nicely this time around. My left temple has a thatch of blackheads that turned into a weird skin-colored zit (or at least it's skin-colored now, after a few days?) but it still feels like a hard lump, and it's not very painful. Sigh... maybe it was some kind of cyst/nodule. Either way, I'm glad it's not red and am eager for it to shrink. There are about 3 more teeny clogged pores on my temple, but it's starting to feel really smooth. Again, I'm thinking these clogged pores will go away as I keep on doin' the Regimen (and refraining from touching my face)...

Jawlines/sides of face: Again, my right jawline has probably the most activity on my face right now, but other than those dying cysts (one dead, two dying), the skin inbetween feels really nice. I think there are no clogged pores, either, and on the right side of my face there are almost no clogged pores-- maybe 3-5 total. Yay! The left side has no cysts and one dying zit on my jawline, but there are a few clogged pores right on the back of my mandible/totally out of sight, but they seem to be coming closer to the surface now. I trust with some BP action that they'll get cleared up nicely.

I ordered from DKR last week and they're still processing my order. Damn. This stupid virus shit. Not saying this because my products are late, but... yeah. Different discussion. I think society has lost its mind a little, but oh well...

My skin looks pretty good. Oh, on my cheeks/near my nose there are a few blackheads, but for some reason I don't really panic about these that much. And there are a few clogged pores on my left cheek-- maybe 5 total -- that are shrinking, and that I'm excited to see off forever and ever. Lol.

This shit works. I'm not even done my first week and I see pretty big improvements. It's going to be interesting to see where I'm at in a few weeks...

Wish me luck, and best of luck to any of my readers (absolutely 0!).



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