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TCA Cross 100% (Photos) - Korean Skin



Hi Everyone!

Busy med student but finally had time to do TCA cross due to quarantine lock down in my state. Thought it was a good time to finally do a TCA peel and TCA cross. I did a 25% TCA peel then after all the peeling I did a 100% TCA cross on both my cheeks for the first time. Just wanted to share progress pictures. So far I have Before Pictures Day 1 - 8 pictures with some days in between missing because I forgot / looked similar to the day prior. 

It's been 8 days but only a few scabs (5) have fallen off on their own or with washing my face/moisturizer after thee shower. I do moisturize A LOT, maybe 3-5 times a day to keep the scabs moist and to help the healing underneath. I am mid-20's female who is fairly active everyday. I take a bunch of supplements and vitamins not for my skin but just general health so I am wondering if that could impact the healing process. I have not left my house for the last 2-3 weeks but I do use Retin-A 0.025% every 3 days for my surrounding skin, Korean skin care products (moisturizers), standard face wash, and SPF 46 if I leave the house. Just ordered Paula's Choice HQ for the PIH for when my scabs fall off!

Will probably anticipate doing 2-3 sessions total and doing another TCA peel after a 8 months to a year but contingent on my busy schedule. 

BEFORE :This was right after 25% acid peel was put on, face is usually not inflamed and red but you can see all my scarring here!



Day 0: 100% TCA Cross: Some areas the frosting disappeared few minutes after so you can't see in the picture but every little scar had some frosting and some point. Sorry for potato quality pictures, probably due to poor lighting inside my house. Stung for like 1 second when applied but all tolerable. Cheeks got red after application hehe excited but also nervous for the scabbing process as I'm super impatient.IMG_0725.JPG.73b89223c16c373972d661a0a91a71f6.JPGIMG_0726.JPG.e33fa0c15b6420dc9d2b523dcc158731.JPG


Day 1: Getting more red-brown but not scabs. Areas look a little wider.60712931952__1EFC17C2-BF41-4BE6-8BEE-A18E2F18D40A.JPG.251759e87216286204dc3891f6b9202e.JPG60712933675__7B66DE3D-8887-438C-B128-1D7DF0237098.JPG.e49635ffe72e424c9aa6c7f5275ef118.JPG


Day 3: More brown starting to look more like a scab60720448462__48BE194C-B010-4682-88DC-DF342F0D838A.JPG.87290624a0e98c026577166a68cc1392.JPG60720449572__3926C2E3-9A2C-4399-A4EA-683FA38689DA.JPG.9c10989bea7f25a7b8d398f41ab4d612.JPG


Day 4: Scabbing, face looks crazy!IMG_0750.JPG.2d8f7547f9d66766b6c0c99e42d69907.JPGIMG_0753.JPG.7485a64a3d416c2d1b3389ec1f0653f4.JPG

Day 5: Darker scabs!IMG_0762.JPG.2da477b2fc7b6fff8ffaa15e1677f3e2.JPG


Day 8: Looked relatively the same from here on but I guess more scabs fell off than I realized when I started looking at the older pics! Super shiny here haha put so much moisturizer on. The scabs that have fallen off the collagen has definitely filled in a lot of the scars some all the way to the surface some of them are hard to tell due to the redness and PIH but some of the scabs that fell off I can see there is another light scab forming seems like there is more healing going on? For example the pic right below the scab posterior to my nose fell off and the collagen completely filled.  Let me know what you guys think or any advice / what i should anticipate. :) hope this helped someone!









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Day 11: I have maybe 1 or 2 scabs left on my face, just a little red and I see a lot of improvement in almost all of the ice pick scars I had the ones that fell off earlier and still surfacing day by day and the noticeable box scars seemed to surface as well but less than the ice pick scars. Excited to see how it raises in the next two months before doing another round on the remaining box scars / ice pick scars. Using Elta MD sunscreen and Paula's Choice HQ for the redness and keeping moisturized. 

I have been using Tretinoin but face is a little sensitive and peeling from all the products so using it once every three days. 

Has anyone else done TCA cross have similar outcomes? Any advice or comments on my progress? Would love to hear other people's opinion!



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Apdate more!! I have very similar scare like yours on same area and for preference for treatment was TCA cross. I want to see till your end and it will help me lot .

I wish best for your part.

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hi will update soon! working crazy hospital hours but scars look 40-50% better will be doing another session in about two weeks!

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You’re results show good progress, I would love to see the outcome after a few more sessions.I have similar scarring to you and have been considering TCA cross so this really helps ☺️ I wanted to ask if you’ve tried microneedling or prp before?

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Heya - Hope you're doing well.I have been doing some research on TCA cross and the procedure looked scary to me so kudos!! Really want to hear how this panned out for you :)


Could you provide us not to brave ones an update :)

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Hello from Perú!, I have similar scars, I tried tca 30% by myself although i saw some elevation in my scars, it make them wider. How its going on with you?

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heyyy can we see an update of ur scars in clear lighting because it’s been more than year now xx have they improved??


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