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Oops I did it again



Yes, thats right folks. I did it again. And by "it", i mean I picked. Never fails, once I have acheived good skin i always ruin it son by picking.


BUT, since my nails are basically non existent at this point, i didnt do much damage. And, since my skin was in such god condition it has really healed almost back to normal now. And I did get out a lot of stuff I have been eyeing up for a while. Which, by the way, thats something I dont get... You are aways told DONT PICK, never pick, it always makes it worse etc etc. But, I am actually glad i picked the few things I did, becuase now instead of having 3 little textured dots poking out on my cheek, I have nothing. Its weird, i had these 3 little...like....non-flat dots which weren't whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples. When i squeezed VERY GENTLY, not even really trying to squeeze, just some perfectly white dry keratin-y stuff came out, the tiniest bit, and no redness, no nothing afterwards, just a flat cheek. Now, if i had left those I bet they would have been in there forever. Not turning to a pimple, not doing anything, just there. Not sure what thats all about.


Anyways , just wanted to log in there that i fucking relapsed, but thanks to my preventative nail cutting, barely any lasting damage was done.


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