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Four Months off Pill



Hey guys


Just wanted to drop by with another update.  I have been off my birth control now for around four months.  This makes me a bit nervous as it usually takes about 3-6 months for my skin to react when coming off the pill, well in my previous experience anyway.


Nothing new to report at all really.  Apart from a potential 'big one' I had on my chin around November time, which made me think 'ok here we go'.  But it didn't come to anything and I haven't had another since.  I did use Zit Sticka on that one and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it reduced in size after only 2/3 nights wearing the patch.  It didn't come to a head and just gradually went on it's way.  Needless to say I have a supply of the Zit Sticka in my pre kit, patiently waiting for if, or when, the post pill outbreak hits.


Even with over indulgence over Christmas, my skin is still the same as usual.  A few blocked pores around my chin that flare up every so often, but they are barely noticeable, and after a week or so I am able to extract them easily with no marks or scaring.  You can feel them more than see them to be honest. The rest of my skin has been good, well hydrated, make up looks nice on and so far, no noticeable change in my oil levels or texture. 


I have relaxed my routine slightly which I need to get back on track.  Still using Eve Taylor and Priori cleansers, but throwing in some Eve Lom now and again, as I always get it as a treat over Christmas.  I have been varying my moisturisers, again due to gifts at Christmas so I would like to get on a more stable routine in terms of the products I'm using.  I have stopped my weekly clay masks which, again, I need to start up again, but a weekly sheet mask is still my friend and helps keep my skin moisturised.


I have started eating more healthily since New Year and not had a drop of alcohol since then either.  I have started back exercising, and I do think my skin is showing the benefits of that. In terms of my supplements. I have now started an iron supplement, as I noticed when tracking my calories that I don't get a lot from my diet.  This supplement also has my b12, b6, vitamin c and folic acid, so I have stopped those other supplements and I get this is like an all in one.  I also still take an omega oil tablet daily and a vitamin d spray.


Still on my anti depressants, and after a bit of a shaky, anxiety episode over Christmas, I feel I am coming out the other end feeling a lot better.  This time I managed to convince myself to float through it and that it would, as always, pass.  


Anyway, best get back to work.  I hope you are all doing well, and hope my skin continues doing well also, but I am prepared for all eventualities.


Have a good one.



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