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what do YOU think?

winter girl


so since i am super anal about my skin, i've collected a multitude of products over the past year, 99% of which i did not even touch- because im too afraid to use it!

so im going to list the products i have in my bathroom cabinet, and you guys let me know what to give a try, and what to throw out. 


aztec healing clay mask

paula's choice BHA 2% liquid (had this for 10 months, the most i did with this was smell it)

clean and clear benzoyl peroxide 10% cleanser (not that harsh on my skin, only very drying on my eyebrows and hairline and it is super mentholy)

clean and clear salicylic acid 2% face wash

witch hazel pore toner (with alcohol)

biore charcoal cleanser (doesn't contain salicylic acid, just charcoal and it is super mentholy)

peach & lily hydrocolloid pimple patches

generic brand peel off charcoal and "volcanic ash" mask 

garnier charcoal cleanser/ mask duo

origins out of trouble mask (zinc oxide and sulfur, also contains a little bit of salicylic acid)


so that's my collection. please comment if one of these products works for you or which of these broke you out, or didnt work! 

im honestly the most interested in the paulas choice bha liquid, because so many people rave about it... but judging from what the salicylic acid did to my skin, i can imagine that the bha will do the same....



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hi, i never noticed your comment until now, i sincerely apologize. ive used benzoyl peroxide, the 10% one from clean n clear, and it actually helped a little in the beginning, but then after two months of using it, i started getting larger bumps in areas i didnt normally get them in. i dont know if the acne.org one would be any different, thats why ive been hesitant to try it. i kind of feel hopeless at this point because ive tried salicylic acid and it left me with many small bumps and weird texture, and the benzoyl peroxide worked at the start but gave me larger bumps later on. since these are the two leading acne treatments, i dont know what else would work for me. 

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