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this feels hopeless

winter girl


i am just so tired. 

of living.

but i dont want to die, i just want to be happy. 

but i dont know how much more of this i can take. 

how much longer until these tears become faded memories and i would have completely moved on, 

if i knew what i should do differently, if i knew why this keeps happening over and over, like a broken record for 10 months straight...

do you know how it feels to have every waking moment, for 10 whole months, be about your acne?

maybe you do know, thats why youre on this website. 

maybe you do understand the pain. 

but i see people with acne still going out, still living their lives, and not thinking about their skin every second of the day.

i dont know what it is about acne that is the nuclear bomb for my mental health. 

i just dont know what to do, or to say, i dont know who i am, who i'll be

i dont know anything anymore. 

i hate this. 

i hate this. 


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I am really sorry you feel this way. I used to feel this way too, for about two years. I was so obsessed with my acne and the way I looked that it destroyed everything good in my life. All of my relationships suffered because of it. 

I am happy to talk to you and offer support in any way that I can because I completely get it. 

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Sis.. if you did reread my post on your other blog, then you may need to reread it again if you're feeling down. That is what I did when I had acne was read something positive like reviews on the products I am using so my mind stays positive. Again, acne is just a temporary thing and the more you pay so much attention to it, you're also not letting yourself heal mentally. That leads to stress, and stress can also lead to breakouts and while you are stressed on other things in life, I wouldn't waste my time being stressed over on how you look now. It is not worth it. 

I don't know exactly how bad your acne is currently, but I can say one thing. My acne was not even mild, it was moderate and honestly if I didn't resolve the issue of my skin, I could have had severe acne because that runs in my family which really there is nothing I can do about it if it is passed down to my kids in the future. All I know is that I have it resolved with a proper skin care and my skin is 100% clear and I am more than happy to help anybody push through their journey with acne.

You can be happy, and if you see other people with acne who is living their life to the fullest, use their energy and make it into your own. For me, I personally have a lot of respect to anybody suffering with acne whom I see is living up to their best life with their best potential. If you feel like nothing is helping you, you might consider going to a therapy if you have the money for it or anybody you know has the money for it. Other than that, you are the center of your own life, you are the stem of your mind. You are in control on how you see things and what to do when you run in bad obstacles. Everybody has their own problem in life. For me, as somebody who is acne-free, I have other things I'm concerned about and I am still in the process of dealing with them. 

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I am 23 and live with severe acne and have for the past 11 years. I can relate to how you feel and how it affects mental health but at the end of the day you are so much more than just a face. You are loved and your acne does not make anyone love you less. I truly believe our biggest insecurities can be harnessed into our greatest strengths. I NEVER wear foundation or cover my acne because this is how I was created and the people who cannot accept me this way, do not deserve to have me in their life! Also who says acne is not beautiful btw?? I like to think of it sometimes as little pink freckles :)

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