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why is life but a veil of tears?

winter girl


i never thought i'd be feeling this way again.

i really dont know what the [censored] is going on with my body.

i thought it was getting better and then just drops back down to the first flare up i had 10 months ago, which was so bad, and made me feel so [censored] disgusting. 

this familiar feeling, this familiar sad, horrible, stone in my throat feeling, i never thought i would have to feel again. 

wow, i am so freaking sad. 

does anyone know any good products that help to get rid of small papules, i just flared up with many of them on my forehead, theyre not whiteheads, cant pop them, they dont have a visible black head i can extract, theyre just colorless- pinkish small bumps. 

like i said, i havent had these- and this many since 10 months ago when i took plan b and this nightmare all began.

so going through this again is just revisiting something i've already put to bed, and wow, im crying, why in the world am i crying, i should know by now this is what i have to deal with, this is my life. 

i just want to go to sleep until this blows over, i cant take it feeling this way. 

why am i so weak? 


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