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Cleansing oils /any oils just break me out

happily after


My skin was pretty clear of acne after faithfully used tretinoin and not using any oil on my face until I got pregnant.. During pregnancy and after gave birth to my child my skin was still pretty clear even though i had stopped using tretinoin.. during that time I used baking soda( I know I was so stupid) thinking it was that controlling my acne but my skin just felt so dehydrated all the time and I just looked older... then I learned that baking soda is very bad for skin and shouldn't be put on skin at all... then for some reason i fell into using oil/and using oil cleaning method again to treat my dehydration face because a lot of reputable blogger and dermatologists claim oil is a very gentle way to removing makeup/waterproof sunscreen. It was such a bad move for me again and I finally came to realization that there are skins just cannot tolerate any oil even if it is fungal acne safe( pure c8 mct oil, mineral oil, squalane). And anything occlusive like vaseline, cerave cream(vaseline in it), and ultamd am(too much silicones).. 

Just to document here how I ruined my skin 4 times

1. Clinique cleansing balm 

2. Pure c8 mct oil with emulsifier 

3. Pure mineral oil

4. Pure c8 mct oil/mix with squalane

Last 3 times I went to doctor to get doxycycline to treat my acne( deep painful nodules ) and thankfully it was able to clear my acne.. this is the fourth time, the time I really learned my lesson. Again I went to dermatologist to get doxycycline and spironolactone oral medications and aczone topical. Its been a week now. I am faithful these medications will clear my acne again. 

Bottom line is


AM regime

Vanicream facial cleanser


Eltamd uv pure


PM regime 

Garnier pink micellar water

Vanicream facial cleanser

Naturium niacinamide serum

Hadalabo hyaluronic lotion 

Cerave PM

Tretinoin 0.05



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Hi! Just curious if there were any products you were able to use during your pregnant for acne or if you just naturally didn’t break out? 

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I just naturally did not breakout... thinking back my skin was pretty good and I wasn't really using a lot skincare products but sunscreen and garnier pink micellar water.. I used baking soda to exfoliate though which was something I was very stupid of doing... 

Now I know my skin much better now in terms of what should not be putting on my face and my skin will be fine..

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