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scab wont heal

winter girl


ive had this scab for four days now, and this morning the very thin scab just cracked open and it started bleeding again. i dont understand.

im so frustrated i started crying, and i havent cried like this and i SAID i wouldnt cry like this, but i am just so frustrated why its not healing. 

i have a long school day today, and i wanted to see my boyfriend tonight, but this ugly scab is making me feel so disgusting i just want to stay inside all day. 

i dont feel like wearing my bangs today, i did two days ago to cover it, and it was so annoyingly windy and walking in the street with bangs is SO FUCKING HARD. i have to constantly put them back down and once i do the wind just comes and blows them viciously back up again. 

i just tried covering it with makeup, it just looks stupid and it kind of burns.

i dont know what to do guys. 

also its really fucking annoying how i feel like acne.org doesnt get as many people on it anymore, i look at these massive threads from years ago, where basically everyone always commented on eachothers stuff and helped eachother out. 

now, its like, u can hear crickets. 

im just annoyed at that too.

my scab is just making me annoyed at everything right now.


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