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just a casual hello

winter girl


so i returned that eridikate bullshit. it literally did absolutely nothing. i can see it working on reaaaally tiny surfaced whiteheads, even just popped whiteheads, i can see it helping with the inflammation or whatever, but it did nothing for my small cyst or any papules.  ~i went to sephora and exchanged it for a black kat von d lipstick (which im wearing in the photo below) and im not sorry about it at all.~ hehe 

oh, and by the way, i got bangs. 

it was last tuesday, an hour before i had to leave for class, when i just was looking at myself in the mirror, and i made eye contact with my zit and i just did not want to fucking see that fucker anymore. so i took some small ass paper scissors and chopped my hair into bangs. 

i was shaking i remember feeling the adrenaline pumping through my entire body, i did not believe i just did that. 

i had immediate regret. seriously i was in "what the fuck did i just fucking do" mode and i started sobbing. 

i literally felt like it was the end of the world. 

but what made me feel better was i immediately went to the kitchen and stuffed my face with chocolate, and later on that day i ate two slices of pizza. 

the next day, i styled my hair better and i actually felt really fucking pretty with my bangs. 

i realized after, that i totally look like lydia from beetlejuice and it did not bother me one bit. 

i also figured out a way to pin them to the side whenever i want to wear my hair "normally", and it actually looks really good too, it looks exactly like my old hair. 

i dont know if you guys actually care, but i just wanted to insert a photo of my new hair. lol. Displaying 4B3E3CB9-75D2-4D83-BE9A-64688878BC0A.JPG

so yeah. thats my update for you all. the wind is an enemy for my bangs, ive realized this, but overall, i dont hate it, even though in the beginning i thought i did. 

i remember sobbing to my boyfriend on the phone after i just cut them and he was like "get your fucking shit together, stop crying, and go to school".

I will repeat that to myself every time i break down now. its good advice. 

on another note, my family and i just put up our christmas tree. it was a good time. 

i love my family so much. 

i hope you all are enjoying the festivities or just simply enjoying something. 

talk soon, xo


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