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Jessica Jones



its friday. i really dont want to go to school. 

the red circle on my face from the hydrocolloid is still there. sigh. im gonna make a forum now and ask about how to get rid of redness/ marks. 

i just covered it with makeup even though it made me cringe. yesterday i wore a beanie to cover my forehead, and to be honest i look so bad in hats. like, i feel so uncomfortable. ~but~ at least in college you could wear a fucking sombrero in class and no one would tell you to take it off. in highschool, i would wear caps to cover my acne and teachers would tell me to take it off and it was the worst feeling.  

although after i got dressed and looked at myself, i realized i was giving off some intense Jessica Jones energies. 

that kind of made me happy. 



I think the beanie is cute! 

I have used hydrocolloid patches before and the redness thing happened to me once or twice - I think just because the sticky stuff irritated my skin - but I haven't had that problem in a while and I use them pretty often now. I have noticed that different brands kind of make my skin react differently. Right now I'm using Avarelle brand acne patches and I like them.

As for the redness, when I had that problem I usually had to wait it out unless it was caused by dry skin. I use Cetaphil PM face lotion and overnight it seems to soothe my skin to some degree.

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Thank you! and yes, the redness did go away after about two days so it was fine but i thought it would last a whole week thats why i was freaking out! and do you use hydrocolloid patches on fresh zits with no head, more like papules? those are the types of pimples i get, and i feel like they wouldn't work on it.  

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@lizuca10 I typically use the patches on irritated or popped zits to help it heal faster. I've had the ones with no head as well, but the patches didn't do much until they were closer to the surface (from my experience at least). I think they work best on whiteheads. Sometimes with the bigger, deeper type I could use a hot compress (washcloth with hot water) to draw it to the surface and then use the patch afterwards.

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