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[screw] hydrocolloid patches

winter girl


okay one: they don't [freaking] work. and yes i tried it on the "right type of pimple". i used the peach slices brand.

two: they left a red ring around the pimple, which is in the center of my forehead. LOL. not going to lie it is a little bit funny. guess i'm just gonna have to wear a hat today, again. 

i tried covering it with makeup but i don't wear foundation all over my face, i only spot apply a little bit of concealer, and this red area is just way too large for me to cover with concealer, i will feel dirty if i do wear that much concealer in that area, i hope u all know that by "dirty" that just my phobia of things being on my face- im not saying if u wear makeup then ur dirty, i just don't like the feeling of it when its too much to cover- especially in the CENTER OF MY [FREAKING] FOREHEAD which is the danger zone. 

anyway, i don't know why its so red and why it wont go away, i wore the patch yesterday and last night the ring wasn't there. this morning it was. i don't understand. 

funny (not so funny) story, once i ate salmon and i thought i would break out from it (i noticed i may have a sensitivity to salmon.. it may just be in my head, anyways,) so i made myself throw it up. 

i do have a history of anorexia and bulimia so it wasn't something new, it's just been a while and i was really pushing to get it out. 

so basically, i ended up getting petechiae on my forehead because my blood vessels popped from having my head in a downward position and my exerting all of the force of my body to get that food out. 

i was so upset it was just a big red splotch on my hairline and a little lower. 

now i feel the same way, next time i try to use a patch i'm gonna have to maybe cut it to be smaller or something. i don't know. 

what sucks is, if i didn't have the redness i would have been able to cover my zit today with makeup quite nicely. but noooooooooo i have to get a red ring around it where the patch was. 

hat time. 


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